Protecting Your Eyes

Being stuck indoors for months at a time can make winter drag on like the longest season ever. Before you know it, spring arrives just in time to make you start planning your summer. Don’t go too fast, though. You don’t want to forget your vital eye protection. While the sun’s rays are warm and welcoming, they can do real damage to your eyes. Looks like you’ll be needing to update your prescription sunglasses.

Here are five ways you’ll want to protect your eyes before you head off to the summer cabin at the lake or exotic beach in Cancun. 

Update Your Prescription Sunglasses 

It’s important to keep your eye prescription up-to-date, which means you should also update the frames you wear outdoors. If you’re going to be working in the sun, or playing sports, choose frames that are high-impact and scratch-resistant. Brands such as Wiley X, Oakley, and Tifosi make quality frames that can withstand any summer activity you participate in.

When ordering your frames, make sure the pair you choose has the proper UV protection to prevent damage to your retinas. 

Invest in Good Goggles

During the summer, you’ll probably spend time swimming in your home pool or favorite water reservoir. Harsh chemicals can cause discomfort to the eyes, making them feel tired and scratchy. If you’re going to the beach, you certainly don’t want saltwater coming in contact with your eyes.

It’s never a good idea to swim under the surface with your eyes open unless they are protected. Always choose goggles that fit nicely around your face so water doesn’t leak in. 

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Take Shade Breaks

While the sun provides lots of needed vitamin D for your body, too much sun is never a good thing, for your skin or your eyes. Be sure to take shade breaks often. While you may feel fine at the moment, if you’ve ever had a sunburn you know the hurt doesn’t come until later. Your eyes need the rest just as much as your skin. It can also help prevent heat stroke during the hottest days of the year. 

The Right Hat

Combining a hat with your sunglasses will offer extra protection for your eyes. Look for hats with large forward brims so there is a nice circle of shade framing your face. Baseball caps are great for spectator sports as well as a variety of other activities. For gardening or hiking, a brim that goes along the circumference of the hat will not only protect your eyes but will also help keep you cool. 

Protection During Sports

Prescription sunglasses serve a variety of purposes. Whether your sport is tennis, waterskiing, or cycling, find the right eyewear to help protect your eyes from injury. 

About Finding the Right Glasses

Your first step toward a fantastic summer is having an updated pair of prescription sunglasses. There are many options when it comes to quality eyewear and you’ll find the best selection at Safety Gear Pro. Let Safety Gear Pro assist you in finding the right eyewear for your next summer adventure. 

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