There is no doubt about the fact that all heavy equipment at any construction site is quite costly and once bought, are bound to depreciate due to their increasing life and continuous usage. Therefore, it becomes imperative to use the equipment correctly, maintain it properly and take all the necessary steps to increase the machine’s life. The same is the case with equipment like motor graders as well which are majorly able to work in the construction and maintenance of roads and making smoother surfaces, levelling soil, shifting small amounts of dirt etc. and to increase the life of your motor grader. These are some of the steps to follow at the construction site.

1. Have A Proper Preventive Maintenance Plan In Place

In order to increase the life of heavy equipment like motor grader for sale, it is important to have a proper maintenance strategy in place to identify all the faults before they can happen. For that, the first step is to formulate a plan detailing all the smallest things and creating and following a maintenance schedule having notations on how often each part of the machinery needs inspection for problems, repairs and general maintenance. By proactively detecting and repairing flaws, you can save considerable time and money.

2. Maintain The Equipment For Extreme Operating Conditions

If your grader frequently come in contact with extreme conditions like extremely rocky terrain that puts extra pressure on the cutting edge and leads to dust clogging up in the air filter and compromising the blade slide and turntable functionality, you may have to readjust your maintenance schedule and even carry out maintenance more frequently. Owing to extreme operating conditions, you may have to check the blade perhaps more frequently for wear, change the oil filter, lubricate, replace slide guides and other small moving components etc.

3. Check The Equipment On a Day-To-Day Basis

Apart from having a regular maintenance schedule, it is necessary to maintain and inspect the equipment regularly to keep it safe, corrosion-free and also in best condition. The day-to-day machine inspection should include the machine frame, circle, wiring, cylinders, hoses, tools and any other areas susceptible to damage or wear and tear. Also, checking for leaks and any noticeable abnormalities is also important.

4. Carry Out Checks In Between The Maintenance Schedule

Change in conditions like reaction time, vibration, temperature, etc. it is usually indicative of a developing problem. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out checks between the maintenance schedule as well to rectify the defects as soon as possible.

5. Hire An Experienced Motor Grader Operator

Being highly technical equipment, motor graders demand well-trained and experienced operators who have the ability to handle the equipment wisely, maintain it properly, and identify defects and malfunctioning of the used construction equipment. In fact, a good machine operator is extremely necessary if you want to increase the life of your grader. By using the proper techniques, an experienced motor grader operator keeps the cutting edge sharp and even, positions the mould board for optimal performance, and adjusts the tools to align with the conditions. 

A skilled and experienced motor grader is aware of the techniques to reduce wear on the cutting edge. Operators know how to handle the equipment at any site to prevent any unnecessary damage to the equipment, and the correct positioning for the moldboard, operators know that they need to note and avoid all hazards and obstructions fir example over-hands, ledges, slide areas, electrical lines, underground cables, water mains etc. and therefore work accordingly. When you work with heavy machinery, you need to know these things to ensure that your equipment lasts for a long time.