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These days lab-grown diamonds have become a trend for many reasons. From their exceptional beauty to clarity comparable to their organic counterparts- lab-grown diamonds continue to gain popularity. They are also much more affordable than organic diamonds which is another reason behind their popularity. But when you are choosing a piece of diamond jewelry made of lab-grown diamonds, there can be many apprehensions. Many wonders if they would be as good as organic diamonds. Here are a few amazing facts about lab-grown diamonds which you must know to make a worthy investment.

They have many names

When you are shopping for lab grown diamonds London, you will probably come across many different names like cultured diamonds, lab-created diamonds, lab-cultivated diamonds, and so on. They all mean the same. So, if you are confused by the fancy terminologies used at the diamond store, you should know that they all indicate the same thing.

They have the same composition as organic diamonds

One of the main apprehensions buyers have about lab-grown diamonds is whether they are as hard and clear as organic diamonds. Many questions whether these cultivated diamonds are real at all. But in reality, organic diamonds and cultivated diamonds have the same composition. As a result, they are essentially the same thing. They are chemically, physically, and optically the same as organic diamonds. This is why they are a popular choice when buyers are looking for diamonds.

Lab diamonds are easily available

The production of lab diamonds is growing by the day. The technology to create such diamonds has developed manifolds in recent times. As a result, production has grown many times. It is easier to find such diamonds today. Moreover, they are available in larger sizes and a variety of shapes.

They are ethically produced

The lab-grown diamonds are free from any controversy. They are grown ethically in the controlled environment of a lab. As a result, they are a welcome choice among conscious customers. Hatton Garden Emerald rings are often produced in the lab. If you are looking for such gemstones which are ethically created and sourced, these are the perfect choice for you.

Lab-grown diamonds are certified

One of the main concerns of buyers is whether the diamond has certification or not. Certification is proof of the authenticity of the diamond. This is why it is valuable. The lab-grown diamonds also have certification. Hence, they are as real as organic diamonds. Especially if you are buying from a reputed jeweler, you will find certified lab-grown diamonds easily. You can rest assured about the quality, cut, clarity, and everything else when you are getting certified products.

Lab-grown diamonds are noted for many reasons especially because of their affordable price. It is significantly less costly than organic diamonds but almost always has superior quality. Knowing all the facts about the lab-grown variants will also help you make an informed choice regarding the same. When you are shopping for diamonds for your loved ones, the lab-grown variants will be a great choice. To take an informed decision about shopping for diamond pieces of jewelry, you must go through the above-mentioned points.

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