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Dealing with electricity problems at home is dangerous for you and your property. Tackling minor electrical issues can be risky with DIY methods because it requires expertise and professional training. Whether you want assistance with rewiring or installing a new fan, hiring a competent electrician is a secure and trusted option. 

A certified and professional electrician offers several benefits, such as insured and guaranteed services, the assistance of an expert electrician, time, effort, and cost-saving options, etc. Choosing the right service provider for electrical services in Dubai is a daunting task. You have to consider several factors before making a final decision. 

This article makes your life easy with the seven must-ask questions. When you look for an electrician near me in Dubai, you can count on these questions and hire the best one to fulfill your requirements. 

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Questions for Hiring Electrician Near Me

Your query offers you a list of electrical companies in Dubai. But getting the suitable one is another task. We have mentioned the seven questions below you can consider. They help you to narrow down your search and catch the right option. 

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1. Are You Certified & Licensed?

Choose safe hands for electrical work in Dubai. Professional electricians have a variety of licenses for multiple field-related services. The license availability ensures the service provider has legal confirmation to perform the specific tasks. Moreover, he has also received professional training and necessary education. 

Ask about the updated work license, no matter whether you hire a service provider or an electrician. If a company is willing to share the license information, you can go for the further process. On the contrary condition, you can search for a reliable and certified electrician. 

2. Can You Provide Insurance Details

Your search for electricians near me provides the name of top electrical companies in Dubai. But not every company covers the necessary insurance coverage. Insurance and warranties save you from several inconveniences, such as:

  • Your hired service provider pays for the medical dues of a service provider in case of injury during service. 
  • The company compensates your loss if an accident happens. 
  • Insurance also protects your investment. If you face a problem after service, the company is responsible for fixing it. 

Request for the insurance details and information. If you get any excuse or unnecessary delay, move to another company. 

3. What is Your Service Speciality

When you search for electric service in Dubai, it is essential to ask about the work specialty of the service provider. Some have expertise in covering the requirements of residential areas, and some specify themselves for commercial needs. 

Moreover, a general electrician can do several repair, maintenance, and installation tasks. You can hire them for regular minor electrical services. Search for a specialist if your requirement is for a specific high-profile work. 

Whether you need assistance with home rewiring or fancy light installation in your workplace, look for a specialist for reliable and satisfactory work. 

4. What Are Your Estimated Charges?

Generally, everyone wants to know the total cost before hiring. When you contact a professional electrical maintenance company in Dubai, they provide a well-written quote, including required items, service charges, or all essential details relevant to your work. 

Choose 3-4 potential companies and ask for the estimated charges. Different quotes help you to understand the average market rate. You can also analyze who offers a suitable price for your required services. It is also essential for you to get the quote if you want to add additional services to your package. 

5. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

An experienced electrician makes his job more secure. It is good to have proper professional training, license, and certification. But experience is also equally important. Experienced electricians can manage everything smoothly, from minor work to high-profile tasks. The more years of work an electrician has, the more efficient and expert he becomes. 

When you start your query for an electrician near me in Dubai, look for a good amount of experience. You can ensure the work years through clients’ reviews on the website. 

6. Can You Provide References?

Take the final decision for hiring electrical services in Dubai after asking about the references before. It becomes more vital if you have to choose a service provider for your company. A contactable reference shows reliability and validity. Get the references and contact to know about professional behavior, service quality, insurance, and many other related queries. 

You can also search for the reviews and feedback of customers on the website. After getting a satisfactory reply, proceed with the matter. If you are uncertain after contacting the references and checking the reviews, it is better to move to another option. 

7. Who Performs the Actual Work

When you hire electrical services from a company or service providers, they send their team to perform the task. That is why knowing every detail of the person you allow to let in your premises is essential. 

First, ask who will perform the actual work. After getting a clear idea, get the complete details of the service providers, such as background checks, licenses, experience, professional training, etc.  

Bottom Line

These questions are the perfect checklist to choose the most suitable option. If you are searching for an electrician near me in Dubai, you can contact NAZAM.

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