Today Latest News :Two low-intensity bomb blasts occurred in Amritsar, Punjab within a span of 30 hours, causing minor injuries and damage to property. The first blast took place near the Bansal sweet shop, while the second blast occurred near the same spot but on the opposite side. A car windshield was broken in both blasts. The police have cordoned off the area and launched an investigation to scan the location for any hidden explosives.

The Director General of Police for Punjab, Gaurav Yadav, reached the blast site and stated that the police were investigating all angles, including the significance of the timing of the blasts. Yadav informed the media that these were low-intensity blasts on a heritage street, and the forensic team was conducting a scientific investigation. They did not receive a detonator or triggering mechanism from the site, indicating that the explosives were kept inside a container. Yadav added that it was too early to say if the blasts were due to mischief, a terror angle, an organized attempt by some module, or some personal angle.

Yadav further latest news stated that the Punjab Police are capable of managing peace and harmony, and transportation and everything else in the area is normal. He appealed to the public not to get swayed by rumours and emphasized that the police conduct fact-checks on social media channels to avoid such rumours. The police will investigate CCTV footage and question people at the site to investigate further. Yadav also linked the significance of the timing of the blast with the upcoming Jalandhar Lok Sabha seat by-poll, scheduled for May 10 as per latest news India.

Yadav assured the public that there was no need to panic, and the Punjab Police will work out the case like earlier ones. The first blast occurred on Saturday night, causing minor injuries to one person, and damage to some buildings’ glass facades. The police conducted a forensic probe of the first blast, and now with the second blast, they will deeply investigate all angles.

Source: Second minor blast within 30 hours near Golden Temple; Punjab DGP says probing all angles

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