Onion for Hair Growth

We all know that onions are a staple food that makes us cry – the juice is so strong and pungent that it hurts our eyes and makes them teary. This vegetable adds flavor and enhances the taste of many dishes while keeping our bodies healthy. However, the benefits of onion aren’t just limited to food; they are also extremely beneficial for our hair, skin, and our overall health. 

Most people use onion juice to make their hair grow stronger and thicker with Jason hair care which is rich with the goodness of onion. It has numerous vitamins and minerals and several medicinal properties. This vegetable is used to treat many skin ailments; hair problems are other health issues like immunity boosting, inflammation, heart diseases, etc. In this article, we shall discuss how onions are good for our health, so continue reading to learn more. 

What Are The Components Of Onion?

Before we jump into the benefits of onions, let’s know what onions have that promotes healthy skin. Onion has a secret component called sulfur – which is essential for skincare products and remedies. It helps maintain the pH levels of oily skin and makes it dry enough to treat acne and pimples. 

The sebaceous glands inside our skin are responsible for producing sebum oil, which then produces acne and other pigmentation in your body. When our body produces excessive sebum oil, our skin’s health and complexion are affected. Vitamins A, C, and E are enriched in onion, which helps to target the oil and eliminate them from your body to provide healthy and glowing skin. 

Amazing Benefits Of Onion For Skin

Onions make us cry, but don’t let this tear-inducing vegetable alarm you and stop you from using it as a skincare remedy. Onions are extremely beneficial for your skin and face, and they are used in various ways. Here are some of the benefits of onion:

Helps In Fighting Acne:

Onion’s antifungal and antimicrobial properties play a huge here. A study showed that a gel that contains the extract of onions had improved acne and acne scars in many patients. Jason’s gel of onion can help remove scars and dark spots on your skin by reducing inflammation and redness. Since onion is rich in antifungal and antimicrobial properties, it can be used as a treatment for fungal and bacterial infections. 

Delays Fine Lines And Wrinkles:

Onion also has flavonoids and several antioxidant compounds that may help prevent fine lines and wrinkles early on. Premature is a major issue among people in today’s world, and it happens because they are missing something or the other in their diet or skincare regime. The goodness of the anti-aging properties of onion juice may be due to its sulfur content. As per some sources, sulfur can boost collagen production in the body, preventing signs of premature aging. 

Minimizes Sun’s Damage

Scorching heat during summer is very harmful as it can cause skin irritation, sunburns, and of course, tan. Sometimes no amount of skin care products and remedies can prevent your skin from deteriorating. That’s when you should consider using onion, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients act like an umbrella for your body when your skin is exposed to the sun’s heat, thus blocking the harmful radiation from the sun and protecting your skin. 

Removes Toxins:

Your skin is very sensitive to external factors of the environment like pollution, pollination, extreme weather conditions, harsh elements, etc. All these can adversely affect your skin if you don’t follow a proper skincare regime and products. You can add onion to your skincare regime as it purifies your skin and keeps it glowing and healthy by flushing out all the toxins. Jason face cream has onion extract, which can prevent you from various allergies and skin infections. 

Apply onion extract or juice on your face, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash your face with warm water; but while applying, be careful; don’t apply it on open blisters, and make sure the juice doesn’t get into your eyes. If your skin is sensitive, consult a doctor before applying the juice. It is also said that onion juice can treat psoriasis, but no proper evidence supports this claim. 

Other Health Benefits Of Onions That You Should Know

Apart from being healthy for the skin, onions also have other health benefits you may or may not know. So continue reading to know in detail about these benefits. 

For Hair Growth:  A lot of people suffer from hair fall and hair damage, but they can hardly find a natural cure for it. As mentioned earlier, onions can effectively boost your hair growth and give you smooth and lustrous hair. Onion can also treat conditions like alopecia (a condition where a person loses hair on their body, causing baldness, no eyebrows, and body hair). People who wash their hair with onion juice have experienced significant hair growth within 6 months.

May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer: Many anticancer compounds are found in onion, including anthocyanins, quercetin, and organosulfur. These compounds may help in treating different types of cancer. Onions also have a certain kind of fiber that can prevent colon cancer risk. Red onions can destroy tumor cells, which is how they prevent cancer risk. It is also said that the stronger the onion’s flavor, the more effective it could be in preventing cancer. 

May Help In Treating Diabetes:

The extract of onion bulbs can lower the glucose levels in the blood. So, this is good news for diabetic patients. Onion has low calories and is also known to improve your metabolic rate, which can help manage symptoms of diabetes. One study shows that ingestion of onion extract can effectively reduce the level of plasma glucose in the body. So, if you are a diabetic patient, include onions in your diet to fight your diabetic symptoms.

May Help Reduce Inflammation: The quercetin in onion inhibits leukotrienes, histamines, and prostaglandins, and all these can cause inflammation in osteoarthritis. Many studies showed that people going through chronic and acute inflammation stages had improved their condition after being supplemented with onion juice. Ingestion of onion juice can also prevent many bone disorders associated with inflammation. Also, organ juice can boost women’s bone mineral density in their postmenopausal stage. 

Helps In Boosting Immunity: Onions have selenium, a nutrient that helps in boosting immunity levels in the body. Immune cells can be vulnerable to more oxidation if they are deficient in selenium. The cells then face difficulties in producing and transporting calcium and protein. Selenium suppresses the excessive immune response, which triggers a normal immune response. Onion juice also improves symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases. Other people believe that juice can stimulate and strengthen excretory organs. Therefore, make sure to add onion in your diet to build a strong immune system for fighting of diseases. 

Ways To Use Onion In Your Skincare And Healthcare Regime

There are several ways of using onion to treat skin conditions and for health improvement. This is also the reason why onion is such a preferable choice for healthier skin.

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