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Have you Noticed a Change in Education?

Today, the kindness and openness of parents towards their children are highly appreciated. Parents are now protected and know what their children are exposed to. Educationally, parents are no longer limited to paying admission and fees or simply receiving the results of their wards. The involvement of parents in the educational life of the parishes has increased. Schools encourage parental involvement to varying degrees. A strong school management system will always encourage dynamic three-way communication and active parental involvement.

Because parents have busy schedules, patterns of communication or interaction must change. Schools of this generation are using technology to improve and overcome the shortcomings of the traditional education system. School administration software provides a common platform for everyone involved: parents, administrators, administrative staff, students, and teachers. Over the years, this platform has helped parents in many ways.

Let’s See the Benefits One by One:

Access Control;

The transparency of the participation system is the greatest advantage of any school administration system. Working or stay-at-home parents worry about whether their children are in school every day or their attention is distracted or wandering. The school administration app takes this as a basic requirement and sends daily updates on the student’s attendance to the registered mobile number or email.

Daily Activity Report;

This feature is ideal for preschool-age children. When parents take their children to school for the first time, they may want to know what their children have been up to all day. With the daily activity report, the teacher sends updates on the different tasks that the student has completed on a given day. It is really helpful for parents to follow the progress of the season. Also, dietary updates will help you know if there are any records of guardians or parents.

Integration With Traffic Management;

The crime rate against children in India is constantly increasing. As Ward heads to school, her parents start shooting until Ward makes it home safely after the school day. This concern is considered a design requirement in the design of effective school management software. Integration with vehicle tracking system and SMS system helps parents track the real-time location of their service.

Progress Report;

Report day is a great day for parents and children. But taking time off work to attend parent-teacher conferences is an old-school concept. Schools now use a good method to inform parents about neighborhood maps. A personalized certificate is created via an integrated app and sent to the parent’s mobile number. The transcript also includes a note from the teacher, ensuring that the parents of each student are aware of the status of the transcript.

Automatic Cost Management;

This is another big relief for parents. With online payment management, parents do not have to wait in line for payment. Instead, they can log in to the school management app and pay the fees online using the online payment gateway. Also, payment reminders sent by school officials can help you pay bills before the due date or set up an ECS or direct debit in your bank account.

Various Alerts and Reminders;

School is one of the busiest places. Parents cannot take care of every moment after leaving home. Many students deceive their parents by saying, “There is no school tomorrow and have fun with your friends.” In any case, parents need to know where their children are. The purpose of an effective school management program is to warn parents with text messages such as “No school tomorrow” or “School bus is late”.

Event Management;

What happens in schools is announced to parents through newspapers or calendars. Parents should regularly check to see if updates are released. If this review is not reviewed, the student may be disconnected or not adequately prepared. Senior school management systems solve this problem by sending important event update reminders to a parent’s phone or making them available in the app itself via a pop-up notification.

Going to school only with family unity or getting results has become an old-school concept. Parents today are interested in understanding the learning process. Educational institutions ask parents to pay more attention to their children’s academic and extra-curricular development. School management software helps keep all stakeholders on one page. In fact, this program is God’s gift to a new generation of parents!

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