5 Best Short Trek In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a hill station which is  located in the northern part of India. It is situated in the Western Himalayas. It shares borders with, in the north with union territories of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh and on the other sides with  Punjab in the west, Uttarakhand in the southeast southwest southwest with Haryana, and also shares the international border of Tibet in the east.

Utmost of the region lies on the foot of the range of Dhauladhar Mountain. The highest mountain peak in the Himachal Pradesh is Reo Purgyil located at a height of 6,816 meters above sea level. It is spread across valleys and many perennial rivers flowing through them. It is also known as “Dev Bhoomi” meaning Abode of Gods because of its mention in ancient Hindu texts and is home to a large number of historical temples. The major contributor to the state’s economy and to its growth is tourism. The cotton felt Himalayas attract tourists from all over the globe.

Kasol Kheerganga trek is a popular trekking destination in the private of Himachal pradesh, India. the trek is a moderate level trek of approximately 12 km from barshaini, which is the starting point of the the trek. the trek offers breathtaking views of the mountains and the parvati river.

Himachal state also has numerous important Himachal Hindu pilgrimage sites sucg as Naina Devi Temple, Mata Bajreshwari Temple, Jwala Ji Temple, Chintpurni Ji,  Chamunda Devi Temple, Baijnath Temple, Bhimakali Temple, Bijli Mahadev and Jakhoo Temple where thousand of devotees visit every year. 

It also has the most beautiful and short treks. If you don’t have enough time but want a break from your busy and boring life or want family time then you can go for a short trek in Himachal pradesh.

Himachal Short Treks

The best short trek in Himachal is a tough one to choose. There are so many destinations that are fantastic and offer wonderful experiences. But, we have narrowed down our top five short treks in Himachal to you.

1) The Kheerganga trek:- It occupies a place among the top 5 treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from Dharampur and ends at Manali. The entire trail is covered with snow for the year,

so ensure that you have proper clothing to protect yourself from cold and wind. The trekking season starts in mid-April and lasts till late October,

although it can be done anytime as long as there are no heavy snowfall. The best time to do this trek is between May and September because of less crowds and

also less chances of rain during these months. 

The Kheerganga trek is one of the best short treks in Himachal Pradesh. The area is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys, which makes it a great place to visit in summer.

The Kheerganga trek starts from Keylong and ends at Kheerganga. It is a four-day trek that takes you through the beautiful valleys and mountains of Himachal Pradesh. This trek is a must-do for any nature lover who wants to explore the beauty of nature. It is also one of the best short treks in Himachal Pradesh because it allows you to explore

some amazing places like Saru Kotal and Kheerganga Lake. You will also have an opportunity to see some wildlife on this trek such as foxes, deer, birds, etc.,

which makes it even more interesting for tourists who love animals as well as nature.

2) Leh-Manali Trek: This trek is popular for its spectacular views of the Himalayas and offers

some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. The Leh-Manali Highway is a fantastic way to see the region,

but if you want more adventure, you can also get off this highway at different stops along the way. Here you will find local villages and even small towns that will offer you an experience unlike any other!

3) Shimla Hills Trek: This trek takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of

the Shimla district and offers some amazing views across the region. You can take this trek by car or on foot and it goes through lush green forests, mountain ranges, valleys,

and meadows full of flowers throughout its length.

4) Spiti Valley:- Spiti is a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh and is known for

its beautiful nature and scenic beauty. The valley lies between Kangra district and Kinnaur district,

and it has an average elevation of around 3000 meters above sea level. It has an area of around 1580 sq km, which makes it one of the largest valleys in India. The valley is full of lush green forests, which makes it perfect for trekking enthusiasts who

want to explore this region without any hassle from other people or animals. You can either take a tour with a local guide or go solo and enjoy trekking through this amazing place!

5) Kullu Manali Trek:- Kullu Manali trek offers you an opportunity to explore some amazing peaks

and waterfalls at an altitude of over 4000 meters above sea level!

This trek offers you an amazing view of snow-capped mountains, hamlets nestled amidst lush green forests,

streams flowing through valleys filled with flowers and fauna.

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