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“Leadership is hard to define and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader.”Indra Nooyi – PepsiCo.

We are always on the lookout for great leaders and women make fantastic leaders. Not only are they creative, resourceful and ready to take the day head on, but see the world through a lens that presents opportunity and hope. They work hard towards bringing about change. 

Ever practical, women believe in strategic thinking and bring innovative thinking and adaptability to the table. 

But the most important part is that women bring diversity to the table. Since women lead differently from men, they are recognised as a source of strength. This only helps them grow, thrive and succeed. 

 Here is a list I’ve collated that explains the impact women leaders have on the world. 

Can help drive effective solutions:

A multitude of perspectives can make way to bring in change and innovation. Different viewpoints make way for better decision making and deriving different experiences. When an organisation is more diverse, they outgrow those whose diversity percentages are lower. A study conducted recently, points to the fact that a gender diverse workforce improves any organisation’s financial position.

When women leaders come into play, they bring many different perspectives, skills and cultural and structural differences which eventually power many effective solutions. With a change in perspective and a sense of awareness, women can look into the smaller and finer details of what goes on underneath. 

Great role models

Everyone needs role models. Irrespective of gender, a role model can help mould your life and bring progress to your careers. It’s great to have women in roles of leadership as a role model as it helps guide young employees to progress in their career paths. Women can derive learnings from their struggles and hardships and can help other employees do the same. It’s easier to identify with a woman leader than a male leader. 

According to a study, 29% of women believe that their gender will provide an obstacle in their career growth. To overcome this thought, it’s essential that women be set in the position of leadership. This can help other women gain courage and empower them to be the next generation of women leaders.

Positive impact in workplace policies:

A recent study pointed to the fact that women leaders have a direct impact on the gender wage gap, policy changes and a diverse workforce. Other than inspiring and empowering women in their careers, women leaders will have a positive impact in the workplace. Not only will a female lead workplace garner more interest and attract more applicants, it will also help recruit and retain talent for the organisation.

Bridge the communication gap:

When it comes to a strong skill in women, it’s definitely communication. When an organisation has a female leader, they will use their strength and skill to enhance thought provoking conversations with co-workers, employers and partners. This leads to creating an open communication stream that creates a sense of clarity and trust. All organisations will benefit from open communications. 

Gender diverse businesses can drive better financial outcomes

A diverse workplace can bring different ideas to the table, in turn fuelling productivity and growth. This aids in keeping the organisation sustainable as well. It’s not only about the men vs women in leadership roles. It’s about having a combination of both talent or the thought for the entire organisation to sustain on. 

Workplace gender diversity is about increasing creativity, productivity, improving performance, retaining staff and enhancing collaboration. 

According to a study, companies that are gender diverse can experience more profitability than companies that aren’t. With the hope of increasing performance, focus should move to recruiting diverse talents, simply to increase business.

Closing the gender pay gap:

Despite decades of progress, the gender pay gap is still a huge issue in the corporate world. Though many organisations have been trying to find a way to close the gender pay gap, one good solution is to have women in leadership roles for the organisation. I would like to re-term the gender pay gap as the gender opportunity gap. Many have observed that when men and women start their careers from scratch, it’s usually men who are offered many more opportunities that lead to higher-pay in leadership roles. The way to effectively close this gap of pay and opportunity is to offer women roles of leadership in organisations. 

Guest post by Team Physis

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