can you see who views your tiktok

Tiktok has millions of users who are using it daily and are joining the platform also and when talking about TikTok fan base you might want to know about the people who are visiting your profile.

TikTok is pretty much famous for its quality of content which it provides for the users for their entertainment purposes and not only you can watch the content on this platform but you can also be a creator on this platform and create content of your own and become popular among the people.

Well, if you are willing to know does tiktok show who viewed your profile 2023 then this is the correct blog for you where you will get to learn if you can see who has seen your tiktoks and if yes, then how you will be able to do so.       

How you Can Tell who Has Seen Your Profile on Tiktok?

The profile view history feature is a quite creative and useful feature which creates a list for you which shows you all the people who have visited your profile in last 30 days and the thing to notice here is that this feature only works when this feature is also turned on for the user visiting your profile. 

This means, when you will turn on this feature on your account you can see the history list of other users and as we mentioned above it is a two way deal, you can only see someone’s history when both of you have turned the feature on, which simply means that other users can also see your history list.

Enabling Profile Views on Tiktok for the Users – 

Here are the steps which you need for enabling profile views on tiktok of your account – 

Begin with opening your tiktok application and then move to your profile by clicking on the profile icon you see on the right corner at the bottom of the page. 

In this step, you are required to click on the icon which look likes footprint at the top of the screen and then move ahead to click on the turn on button. 

In the third step you will be provided with a list of everyone and all the users who have had a look at your profile in the last 30 days, and now

from this page you can look at their profile, can message them as well as follow them. 

You can also block these users if you want to or if you do not want them to view your tiktok content.

Measure your Engagement Without the Help of Views on Your Profile – 

You are supposed to open tiktok application, and then you should get your profile with the help of the profile icon and then you should click on the three lines icon which you can see at the right side of the screen at the top. 

After this you should now look for the option of settings and privacy and as soon as you find it you are needed to click on it and then get to the next step which is presented below. 

In this step you are needed to click on the button of manage account after which you should now tap on switch to business account option and as soon as you are able to do it you can see the engagement on your account. We believe that the details and information which we have offered to you in this blog has been helpful for you in all the ways to get to know can you see who views your tiktok and you were able to use this information for your knowledge.

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