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Apple smartwatches have always been some of the best that are made in Pakistan. I mean, they’re the ones that started the whole trend of smartwatches. I know, I know, Samsung smartwatches were the first to hit the market, but Apple smartwatches were the ones that lit the fuse. Now there are countless brands specifically making smartwatches, but no one can compete with the likes of Apple. Just a few months back, they released their best smartwatch, which is the Apple Watch Ultra. It was released with the launch of the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, and people went wild when they first saw it.

Not only is it one of the most high-tech smartwatches available in the market to date. But it was also designed to withstand the rough and active lifestyle. It can take a lot of punishment when compared to the likes of the Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum. Now, that’s all good, but mainly since it’s made for people who have an active lifestyle (many of whom are swimmers). They’re wondering if it can survive when they’re swimming. I’ll be answering this and many other questions today in this article, so do keep up.

Here are the topics that we’ll cover to answer the question.

  • What is water resistance
  • Can you swim with the Apple Watch Ultra
  • Should you buy it if you’re a swimmer

With that said, let’s start by answering the very first question, which is, “What is water resistance?”

What Is Water Resistance

Water resistance refers to the ability of an object or material to resist water penetration or damage when exposed to water. For example, let’s say you have a smartwatch that is water-resistant up to 50 meters. This means that the watch is designed to withstand water splashes, such as rain or handwashing, and can even be worn while swimming. However, it is not suitable for diving or any other activities that involve high water pressure.

The water resistance of a smartwatch is typically measured in meters or ATMs (atmospheres) and is often indicated by an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The higher the number, the more water-resistant the watch is.

It is important to note that water resistance does not mean that the watch is completely waterproof, and there are limits to how much water a water-resistant watch can handle. Exposing a watch to water beyond its rated depth can cause damage or malfunction.

Many companies use this when making electronics that can come in contact with water, and the Apple Watch Ultra is no different. Apple has made damn sure that it’s extremely water-resistant, but the main question to ask yourself is if it can survive swimming.

Can You Swim with the Apple Watch Ultra

Now, coming to the main question of if you swim while wearing the Apple Watch Ultra. This watch has a water resistance rating of WR100. This means this is not only suitable for swimming and other water activities, but it can also withstand water pressure of up to 100 meters. That’s pretty insane when you compare it to watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which can only withstand the pressure of up to 50 meters. This version of the Apple Watch also comes with IP6X certification to ensure its users that it is extremely water resistant. 

Although Apple advises against exposing the watch to high-speed water activities like water skiing or jet skiing, you can’t deny how durable they are. It’s worth noting that while the Apple Watch is water-resistant. It’s not completely waterproof, so it’s important to take care when using it in water. 

Should You Buy It If You’re a Swimmer

Now, since we’ve cleared that the Apple Watch Ultra is quite water-resistant. When it comes to swimming, should a swimmer, in particular, buy this watch for swimming purposes? The answer to that question is a simple “yes.” I believe that buying this particular smartwatch is an amazing investment if you’re a swimmer because not only does it have amazing water resistance, but it also has tons of amazing features.

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