Given the high penetration of smart phones and easy access to the internet, people in India easily caught on to the concept of surfing, social media, gaming, etc on their phones. However, there was some amount of hesitance when it came to online purchases since people were unsure about the website being fake or the products being low quality or damaged.

Things are however changing drastically and online shopping is a rage thanks to increased transparency on the part of the sellers, higher usage and positive reviews. Additionally, online purchasing is convenient and also cheaper. Almost every product is now available online, even insurance policies!

Buying Insurance online

Insurance has traditionally been purchased from agents whom we could visit, discuss about the product and finally buy a recommended product. With the Bajaj Finserv App, there has been a paradigm shift in how insurance is sold and purchased. With plans for health, motor and savings available to review, compare and buy, the App gives you a platform that is convenient, quick and informative. So when you buy on the Bajaj Finserv App, you can be sure you are making a smart choice.

Buying Car Insurance Online – a great new alternative

When it comes to buying bajaj car insurance, we’re sharing with you some of the key differences between an online and offline purchase. Given the fact that a policy issued online is as much legally accepted as the one purchased offline, an online purchase could work to your advantage, since it is literally takes about 5 minutes to get your policy. Add to that, the convenience of sitting in the comfort of your home and buying the policy through a hassle-free & zero paperwork online process. 

Let us explain in detail:

Car Insurance: Online vs. Offline

Points to consider

Online Car Insurance

Offline Car Insurance


Online buying process involves visiting theinsurer’s website/app, sharing basic details, comparing the plans, and buying a suitable one by making a payment online.

Offline purchase involves meeting the seller, filling out forms, submitting the required papers, etc.


There is a higher level of transparency in this method and you can access all documents online, read & compare the policies, and then make an informed choice.

There is a little lesser transparency in this method as there is an intermediary / agent involved.

Time consumption

Buying a car insurance policy online is a quick process. It does not require any appointments or lengthy paperwork.
You can insure your car anywhere, anytime. 

Comparatively, this is a lengthy process. Starting from setting up a meeting with the seller, to understanding the policy terms, submitting the documents, and then making a payment can take up a few days.


Comprehensive car insurance policies online is simple. You can either visit the BFL website or download the App with various insurers selling on the platform and get the majority of the quotes and coverages in one shot. 

It is tough to compare policies offline. You will have to visit multiple insurers. Even if one agent is presenting several options to you, it will be time-consuming and challenging to compare brochures.

Claim Settlement 

Online car insurers offer aquick and hassle-free claim settlement process. All can be done in just a few clicks and a few minutes! 

A manual claim settlement process can be lengthy and time-consuming. Since, it would require you to visit the branch, meet with the concerned person, and then follow the steps involved. 

Customer support

In the online process, you can get answers to your queries through website content, blog posts, and chatbots. Also, there are dedicated teams that handle email and call-based queries as well.

In case of a query, you have to rely on the agent/intermediary for support while buying the policy offline. If the insurance company has a calling-based support team, you can seek help there as well.

Now that you know the key differences in both the forms of purchase, we’re sure you will be able to make an informed decision. Just make sure to keep your car insured at all times without fail so that you can enjoy secure drives. To get a taste of the convenience of online purchase, login to the Bajaj Finserv App, and get it in just a few clicks.

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