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If you ask people who have been on hiking trips about the most important hiking gear on such trips you are most likely to get a unanimous answer – boots. Normal sneakers aren’t enough for covering the demanding surface of a tough hiking trail. You would encounter undulating surfaces, rocky terrain, and slippery slopes along the way for which you would need strong boots. Wearing sneakers or plain walking shoes can prove disastrous, even fatal if you’re not careful. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing for example is one of the toughest albeit rewarding hikes in New Zealand and one would need good fitness and strong men’s hiking boots in NZ to complete the hike smoothly.

There’s a reason hiking boots are designed differently. It’s because the very surface on which one has to walk during a hike is quite different. Whether you are going through the forest or climbing a summit, you may have to walk continuously for long hours and the path is not smooth at all. But that’s alright because it is what makes the hiking experience more fun and adventurous. You never know when you come across a rocky stream or a slippery moss-filled rock that appears fine at first but gets tricky the moment you step on it. An ordinary shoe can never have the right grip needed to travel through such stretches and you would need sturdy shoes with a resolute grip and adequate front protection to prevent falls and cushion your foot from unknown impact. Moreover, it is equally important to have comfort and breathability in the shoe because of the presence of sleekly designed soles and pores that absorb any impact with ease and provide long-term comfort by avoiding too much pressure on the ankle and letting air pass through to prevent fatigue respectively. You need the right NZ hiking boots to travel during the various demanding hiking trails in the country.

Here are some popular boots you should check out before you decide to go on your next hiking trip.

Crispi boots

Crispi Dakota GTX, Crispi Summit GTX, and Crispi Nevada GTX boots are some of the widely popular hiking boots all over the world. The boots have a neat and sharp look which makes them easy to carry anywhere and sufficient in any terrain. The Crispi® Crossbow Frame (CCF) technology of the boots gives it increased stability and the ankle bone protection system (ABSS) for extra comfort and protection. The air mesh footbed of these shoes provides extraordinary breathability and prevents odor formation. The leather rand in front of the shoes makes it a good choice in mountainous areas especially to protect the toes from external impacts which are quite common in such terrains. The Crispi mens hiking boots in NZ give the best of both worlds – you get an incredibly sturdy pair of shoes and an elegant design to make the most ardent shoe lover green with envy.

Salewa boots

The Salewa boots are getting increasingly popular among hikers across the globe due to their specific build for alpine trekking. During mountainous expeditions, you’ll have to climb steep slopes as well as pass through stony brooks and often slippery ice. Such circumstances deserve special boots that would protect you from any surprise falls and provide you immunity against frostbite. Salewa boots are apt for cold climates and are designed keeping mountain trekkers in mind. The shoes have features like Nylon Insole, OrthoLite footbed, or Bilight TPU midsole that provide a well-balanced cushioning. Apart from that, the 3F system gives tremendous heel support. The laces are connected with a small cord connected to the heel, that locks in the foot perfectly so that no additional pressure is felt at the ankle or the heel. The remarkable lace design of these boots keeps them tightly wrapped around your legs and you don’t have to worry about tripping due to untied laces.

Salomon boots

The one major worry among serious hikers about using boots for hiking trails is whether the boots provide enough comfort to take them through long trips without causing muscle fatigue. This is because hikers carry large backpacks and with heavier luggage around the body it is imperative to wear properly designed boots that don’t put stress on the ankle. The Salomon boots are just right in this case. The Salomon Quest 4Gore-Tex boots are made with the SensiFit technology that ensures a locked-down fit and wraps the leg tightly yet comfortably. There’s a protective toecap to absorb impacts and a water-repellent Nubuck leather to keep the boots dry at all times. The outsole is crafted beautifully to give a firm grip on any surface and keeps your legs safe during the entire trip.


If you love hiking on challenging routes then New Zealand is the best place for such adventure activities. You just need a good pair of NZ hiking boots before you venture out on your favorite hiking trail. The Crispi, Salewa, and the Salomon are three of the most magnificent hiking boots in the world and are designed keeping every aspect of a hiking tour in mind. These shoes give you a firm grip and tight fit along with the necessary protection from wet surfaces and cold climates. They also have built-in breathability features in case you go out during warm weather to keep your feet ventilated and prevent odor formation. The chances of slipping in these shoes are almost negligible and are your best bet for moderate to tough hikes.

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