massaage for high breast treatment

Breast augmentation surgery has become increasingly popular, with many women opting for high breast implants to achieve their desired aesthetic appearance. However, post-surgery complications such as hard implants and discomfort may arise, which can impact overall satisfaction.

One effective approach to alleviate these issues is through targeted massages. This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits, techniques, and precautions associated with massages for high breast implants.

Understanding the Importance of Massages for High Breast Implants

Massages play a crucial role in the recovery and maintenance of high breast implants. They promote blood circulation, reduce swelling, and help the implants settle into their optimal position. Massaging the breasts also aids in minimizing scar tissue formation and discomfort, enhancing the overall appearance and feel of the breasts.

  • It helps your incisions heal more quickly.
  • It helps maintain the natural feeling and flexible breast tissue.
  • It lessens the formation of scar tissue surrounding your new implants.
  • Raise the gush of blood to the treatment area.
  • It helps the area’s lymph fluid drain.

Techniques for massaging high breast implants

Circular massage technique:

To perform the circular massage technique, start by placing your hands on the outer edges of the breasts. Using gentle pressure, move your hands in circular motions, gradually working your way toward the center of the breasts. Repeat this motion three times, ensuring a slow and controlled pace. This technique helps improve circulation and aids in the natural settling of the implants. However, consult a surgeon before doing it.

Upward sweep technique:

The upward sweep technique involves placing your hands at the base of the breasts and using a sweeping motion upwards towards the collarbone. Apply moderate pressure while sweeping, ensuring a smooth and continuous movement. Repeat this technique three times.

The upward sweep technique helps prevent implant malposition and encourages the implants to settle evenly. Remember not to massage before consulting a surgeon.

Vertical massage technique:

For the vertical massage technique, start by placing your hands at the base of the breasts and gently glide them upward toward the nipples. Repeat this motion three times. The vertical massage technique aids in maintaining proper implant positioning and promotes tissue relaxation. As always, before integrating massage into your regular routines, you should speak with a surgeon.

Precautions and considerations

While massages for high breast implants can be beneficial for high breast implants, it is essential to exercise caution and follow these precautions:

Consult with your surgeon:

Before initiating any massage routine, consult with your plastic surgeon to ensure it aligns with your specific post-operative care instructions. Every individual’s recovery process may differ, and your surgeon can provide personalized guidance based on your unique circumstances.

Allow sufficient healing time:

Wait until you receive approval from your surgeon before beginning any massage regimen. It is crucial to allow your body enough time to heal hard implants after surgery. Starting massages too early could potentially hinder the healing process.

Gentle and controlled pressure:

Always use gentle and controlled pressure when performing massages. Do not exert excessive force or engage in aggressive movements that may cause discomfort or damage to the implants.

Maintain consistency:

Consistency is vital when it comes to massages for high breast implants. Regularly perform the massage techniques recommended by your surgeon to maximize their benefits and promote optimal healing of hard implants after surgery.

Free breast implant problems test

If you have concerns about your breast implants, it may be beneficial to take a free breast implant problems test at Aspen After Surgery Center. This test can help assess your concerns and guide you in seeking appropriate medical advice or treatment. By answering a series of questions about discomfort, appearance, functionality, and emotional well-being, you can gain insights into potential issues related to your breast implants.


Massages for high breast implants are an integral part of the recovery process and ongoing care. By incorporating massage techniques into your post-operative routine, you can promote proper healing, minimize discomfort, and maintain the desired aesthetic results.

Remember to consult a surgeon at Aspen After Surgery Center for personalized advice, and consider taking a free breast implant problems test if you have any concerns. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy the benefits of high breast implants while ensuring your long-term satisfaction.