Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 5 Litre

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic threw the world into deep disarray. Our homes were the only safe sanctuary for nearly two years. Work, school, classes, social events, and almost all human interactions were confined to a virtual world. From shopping to banking, all activities were done from home.

It is now time to step out and reclaim our lives. Schools, universities, offices, factories, fitness centres, parks, shopping malls, restaurants – a whole world awaits us. However, we are often unable to shake a nagging fear, an apprehension, a worry that we may catch some infection; some germ may sneak its way into our system and make us sick. It is particularly true of public places attended by many people. Colleges and universities are particularly vulnerable, given the high footfall and close interaction among students, faculty, and administrative staff.

Picking the right products

If you are a university administrator or oversee the campus housekeeping activities, maintaining a clean, germ-free environment is a priority. However, the sheer size and spread of the campus may make this task very challenging. Fortunately, the solution is at hand. Finding the right cleaning and sanitation products to keep the college environment germ-free and disinfected can bring you the best results with minimal effort. As a result, most office, hotel, college, and university administrators are relying on India’s most trusted disinfectant brand, Dettol, to do the job.

Dettol offers comprehensive protection

Dettol is India’s No. 1 antiseptic liquid brand. It is the preferred disinfection and personal hygiene product of over 160 million households and offices looking to keep their environment safe and family, staff, students, and visitors healthy. The trust that Dettol antiseptic liquid has gained comes from a 90-year-old legacy of protection and safety that the brand and its iconic golden yellow antiseptic liquid bring to Indians. This trust is endorsed by the Indian Medical Association, which recommends the use of Dettol liquid (As claimed in the product advertisements). Having an adequate stock of Dettol antiseptic liquid 5-litre packs can provide trust and confidence to your university premises.

How can Dettol help you keep the university campus germ-free?

Dettol is a potent antiseptic liquid and a staple in most first-aid kits. The best-known use of this product is to clean shallow cuts, nicks, wounds, and scratches and keep germs and pathogens from entering the bloodstream through the wound site. However, it is also used in many ways to ensure personal hygiene. For example, it can be added to a bath or shaving water to disinfect the skin.

For large public areas like college and university campuses, Dettol is the best additive to the water used to mop the floor. It kills 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. In addition, it is effective against nearly 100 disease-causing pathogens, including the dreaded COVID-19 virus.

To keep your university clean, Dettol is the best tool in your inventory. Dettol solution can sanitise and disinfect tiles, countertops, reception areas, doorknobs, handles, bannisters and railings, cafeteria surfaces, and tools and laboratory equipment. Nearly every non-porous surface that needs germ-free sanitation can be disinfected using Dettol liquid. It can be used in your university hostels where large-scale washing of linen and towels is undertaken. Adding Dettol to the rinse cycle keeps several pathogens away. It is one of the most versatile antiseptic disinfectant products, and office administrators and cleaning crews use Dettol in various ways to clean their premises.

The Covid pandemic has made people understand the importance of hygiene at home and outside of it. Employees, students, and parents are all concerned about the cleanliness of the office spaces and school and college campuses. An increase in germ protection protocols can help alleviate these concerns.

Buy smart, save more

The Dettol Pro Services website is designed to help administrators, cleaning crew, and housekeeping staff from various industries put together their monthly baskets of cleaning and sanitation products and order them in advance. The site has a tool that helps you understand how much of these products you need each month. Armed with this data, you can order in bulk and avail of discounts of up to 40% on the price of Dettol antiseptic liquid 5-litre packs and other products. You can also access additional discounts when you place an annual order. The site also offers industry insights about cleaning and sanitation services. So use Dettol to keep your university or college safe and germ-free and save on your budget at the same time.

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