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Regardless of how long your marriage endured, the engagement rings for women; a piece of love; can stay sentimental. Obviously, a lot of ladies presumably conceal that ring in a cabinet, way hidden, when a marriage has turned sour just out of bad, awful sentiments joined to their ex’s. How should something that once made you grin from one ear to another, make you fling, cry or spat out of frustration and torment?

Let the ring bring a similar sort of happiness like it once did when you first slide it onto your finger and radiated proudly. You may likewise choose to use the sweet money worth of your wedding band and offer it to fund-raise for something different, similar to a separation party, a trip, or even use it as assets to go into business. Whatever your case is, continue to read to get some good thoughts on how to manage your wedding band after separation.

Give it back to the person who slid it into your fingers 

In the event that he gave a significant expense for your ideal wedding band, your ex is likely not going to surrender it to you. Simultaneously, this doesn’t really mean it’s his to reclaim. Wedding band manners directs that the wedding band ought to be gotten back to the man if a commitment is separated by both, or then again if the lady is the person who cancels the wedding. But, if a marriage commitment is broken by the man, the lady should keep the wedding band and do whatever she prefers with it.

The disadvantages of returning a wedding band to your ex are both sentimental and monetary. In case you’re actually connected to the ring and want to keep it, you must figure out how to take out those feelings, perhaps by buying yourself a substitute to wear on your right hand as an image of your autonomy and new life. Then again, you can likewise choose to sell the ring and utilize the cash to put towards a goal past-separation, such as financing another business, getting another spot, or paying for a Europe trip. 

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Get it custom to something new and more meaningful 

In the event that you’d prefer to continue wearing your precious diamond, consider having the setting melted down and made into a jewel pendant that you can wear, or that can be given over to a daughter or granddaughter. You can even make them as daily wear diamond earrings for yourself. 

In the event that the ring has more than one stone and you have a few children you might want to give gems, you can undoubtedly utilize the jewels, alongside some other gemstones and the metal from the setting to have a few custom neckbands, rings, or different things made to gift your kids with. 

Sell it!

There is actually no issue in getting cash for your wedding band, except if you’re still genuinely appended to it and need to keep it. Furthermore, if so, clutch it until you feel prepared to leave behind it. How would you be able to deal with continuing on totally from your previous marriage? To have a cheerful future, you need to relinquish the past. In any case, you truly can’t bid farewell to your wedding band presently. The splendid side of diamonds is always worthy and you can sell your ring whenever later on when you’re sure that you can continue on.

Donate the money

It’s ok if your marriage didn’t end well and you are trying to move on. The best thing you can do is sell your ring, take the money and just donate it to the people who actually are in need of some things. There are so many charities going around you, feel free to be a part of it. A diamond ring can give you thousands of rupees. Be the change that you want to see in society by donating the amount. 

Closing note: 

Diamond wedding rings for women are always special, even after the marriage. It’s best to get it customised and use it for your own or better gift it to your children. At Amolya, you can get customised diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. 

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