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A huge percentage of the population is still living in a parallel universe to the trendiest topic in the city, which is electric mobility solutions. On the other hand, another segment of customers is primarily concerned with the cost per mile and maintenance related to the electric aspect of transportation. 

While the surge in demand for electric two-wheelers is breaking all records, it’s imperative to address the mileage and maintenance characteristics of e-scooters since some riders base their vehicle purchasing decisions on the mileage/ range delivered by the vehicle.

Addressing the Concerns Regarding Mileage and Maintenance Costs

Electrical engineering fundamentals dictate that increasing the mileage necessitates more energy. So everything boils down to the battery of the electric scooters. Hence, an electric scooter equipped with a larger battery pack can do the trick. Also, a significant proportion of the maintenance costs are associated with the upkeep of the battery pack itself.

Now, coming back to the electric scooter mileage, customers need to understand how electric two-wheelers reduce the cost per mile for the vehicle as compared to the petrol ones. 

Considering your scooter delivers a mileage of around 70-75 kilometres per litre, the cost of petrol or diesel fuel every 100 kilometres of travel will most likely exceed Rs 160. On the contrary, if you drive an electric vehicle, such as an electric bike, you will pay much less than Rs. 90 for the same trip. The only difference is that charging the battery will take a little longer. As a result, if you want to ride within the city limits, an electric scooter/bike will cost you less than a petrol one because of better mileage.

Second, the battery casing is still in the early stages of research and development, which will lay the groundwork for inexpensive, faster-charging batteries with operational longevity. 

Furthermore, most EV manufacturers already provide a minimum 12-month warranty on the batteries. However, if your battery gets damaged after the warranty period has expired, installing a new battery pack will cost you just under Rs. 20,000 and will provide you with another 24-36 months of efficient service. 

Top 7 Tips to Further Improve the Mileage of Your Electric Bike

  • Prefer riding the scooter in economy mode. It lets your bike transit up to 5-10 kilometres additionally.
  • Avoid unwanted energy consumption by switching off needless electronics that drain the battery.
  • Refrain from dip-discharging the battery. Ideally, get the battery power charged before it hits 20%.
  • Upgrade the battery as larger capacity batteries typically hold more charge, thus delivering better speed and more extended range.
  • Keep the tyres inflated to reduce friction against the ground and maintain optimum tyre pressure to improve energy efficiency and reduce battery power consumption.
  • Don’t overload the bike as weight leads to the depletion of more power in less time, thus reducing the range.
  • Clean your vehicle and the battery segment to prevent overheating due to dust accumulation.


The batteries installed in the electric bikes primarily govern the mileage delivered by the vehicle. Hence, battery power characteristics must be kept in mind while making purchasing decisions.

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