Expected results and time duration with Invisalign braces

So, you have already started your Invisalign journey! That is a good decision. Congratulations! Now that you are already on the way to a set of straighter teeth and more attractive smile, let us discuss something crucial and relevant to your procedure. A lot of Invisalign patients keep asking how long it is expecte to take for their treatment to show result. This is indeed high time to answer their queries.

When it comes to Invisalign – the cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth – it is better to remember a few things about the timing and results. it is most important to remember that every Invisalign case is unique and different. Thus the pace at which your teeth sink into the correct alignment will always vary with that of others. In fact the pace at which your teeth move is determine by a number of factors. The factors include the condition of your gums, the shape of your jaw, the genetics of your overall facial structure and even the diet that you follow day in and day out. To cut a long story short you should better remember that there is no universal timetable that everyone who is on invisalign journey can follow.

But in the opinion of one of the best invisalign providers in London there are averages. While considering the vast population who were or are on Invisalign, you see a definite pattern for the timetable to do its work. In other words the majority of Invisalign patients fall into a window of time when it comes to seeing results of the treatment. On average Invisalign takes about anywhere between 6 and 12 months to move the teeth into correct alignment. However the majority of patients notice some changes or movement in the teeth within 8 weeks of getting their first set of invisible aligner trays.  

It is important to remember that these are only averages. Your case could be completely different and vary widely with the timelines mentioned here. There are cases in which people start noticing a striking difference within as little as just a couple of weeks. Again for some other patients a noticeable difference could take above three months to arrive.

Know exactly when you can see your results from preview

One of the best things about Invisalign is it makes optimum use of the latest technology. The treatment is planne out on 3D model of a patient’s mouth. Thus it is possible for a dentist to create a series of time-lapse images that shows exactly how your teeth will shift. You can ask your dentist to show you an animated preview of the movement of your teeth. The preview, in one hand, will show you the changes you can expect. While on the other hand it shows the sequence of those changes.

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When there is no result to show

In certain cases Invisalign works slowly. Usually the most crooke or misplace tooth or teeth are move last. Thus it could be a matter of time and patience before you can see dramatic improvements in your smile. However you can expect to see at least some movement by the time of completing half of the journey. On the other way around, some result will surely start showing within five months of the treatment.

There should not be any confusion with half way of the journey and the span of five months. It depends on which of the two clauses is lengthier. In case no result shows up then you should discuss the matter with your specialist. There can be a number of factors for which your Invisalign treatment may not on the right track. A technically sound Invisalign specialist can fix those hurdles and facilitate your treatment progress easily.

Invisalign timeline versus that of fixed braces

A number of dentists dealing in invisalign in London over the years point out that, patients are likely to see results faster with traditional braces.

This is because with traditional orthodontic all the teeth are undergoing movement and shifting at a time more or less randomly throughout the course of the treatment.Traditional braces rely on metal brackets and wires. These additional appliances exert force on all your teeth at a time. Thus even your straight and aligned teeth will also move a little to move into the right alignment before the completion of the treatment. In orthodontic term this is call round tripping. The straighter teeth practically complete a round trip on their positions.

They move out and then get back to the initial position again. But as far as Invisalign is concerne, movement of each tooth is planne. Smaller adjustments are prioritise first and then bigger adjustments are worked out upon. As such the straight teeth are left untouche. This is possible because the clear transparent aligner trays are efficient enough to work on your individual tooth or teeth. This is the reason why teeth movement occur faster with traditional braces than that of Invisalign. But in the end it is Invisalign that shows final results much faster than traditional braces. If your Invisalign treatment plan is yet to show results, you just hold on to your patience and wait for some for time.

Tips to make your invisalign braces deliver results faster

Here are just three tips to make your invisalign braces work faster and deliver the best possible results.

  • Whatever circumstances you could be in make sure to wear the aligner trays for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. This is one of the best ways to ensure faster and desired results from the treatment.
  • Do not forget to change your trays on schedule. Newer trays fit tightly on the teeth causing inconvenience as well as discomfort. But switching over to newer trays on right schedule is important to carry out the progress of the treatment further. Do not skip trays and neither allow a change-over go by unnoticed.
  • Highly trained and technically sound Invisalign specialists at the Bayswater Dental Clinic suggest holding on to your patience. Orthodontic treatments are usually not any overnight journey. Invisalign is no exception. Just resist the urge to give up midway. Always remember that in some cases Invisalign takes time to show results but eventually it shows impressive results.  

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