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Exercising in the summer can be quite a challenge. Especially on scorching hot days when you’re already sweating after taking one step, it’s understandable that you don’t feel like an intensive workout. But there is one sport that is very suitable during the summer : swimming and lifeguard.
The perfect sport during the summer

If there is one sport suitable on a hot summer day, it is swimming. This makes it the perfect summer sport. Swimming laps is extra nice in the summer. You not only cool down nicely, but also train your body. And all without breaking a sweat. How nice is that?

The benefits of Lifeguard and swimming

Swimming and lifeguard has a lot of benefits. You use almost all the muscles in your body. This way you train your arms, core and legs all in one workout. It is also good for your overall health. It is also a low impact sport, which makes the risk of injuries very small. The water lifts about 90% of your weight and the chance that you will suffer from your joints is nil.

Condition training

Another big advantage of swimming and lifeguard is that you train your condition with it. And all without a heavy impact on your body such as cycling or running. If you swim laps twice a week, you will soon notice a difference. Your body becomes stronger and your condition improves. Swimming also reduces stress, which is of course also good for your mental health.

Swimming outside

Of course you can swim laps in the pool, but how nice is it to go outside. In the summer there are so many places where you can swim well. And this is of course also much more fun than swimming and lifeguard the same lap up and down every time. Online you can easily find where the water is suitable for a dip.

What makes swimming as a form of exercise so healthy?

“Swimming is good for almost all your muscles and bones. The cardiovascular system is also trained by swimming; it makes your heart and lungs strong. These health benefits do apply to more endurance sports, such as cycling and running.

What makes swimming and lifeguard so unique is that you are carried by the water, so that you hardly experience any strain on your joints. This makes it an ideal sport for people with joint problems and for people who are overweight. Even if you are just starting to exercise, swimming is very good.”

Do you burn a lot of calories swimming?

“How many calories you burn depends on which swimming stroke you do and with what power you swim. If you compare it with running, you use – over the same distance and the same effort – with swimming as much energy. After all, swimming and lifeguard is much slower due to the resistance.

If you look at the same length of time, you burn almost the same. A woman weighing 70 kilos burns an average of 414 kilos of calories per half hour of running (10.8 km per hour) and 360 kilocalories with half an hour of swimming at a brisk pace.”

Is outdoor swimming healthier than indoor swimming?

“If the temperature of the water is colder than in an indoor pool, which is usually the case, especially in open waters, you use more energy than in warm water. The body has to do its best to stay at 37 degrees.

The heat is quickly dissipated by cold water. Being cold also has other benefits. More and more studies show that being cold stimulates brown adipose tissue.

(brown fat is healthy and plays a role in combustion, ed.). Especially if you plunge from a warm environment or warm water into the cold. Make sure you don’t stay in cold water for too long, that can cause hypothermia.”

Swimming is good for memory

That swimming and lifeguard, like many other sports, is good for your mental well-being and the condition of your brain has been known for some time, recent scientific research published in The Physiological Society now also shows that swimming improves short- and long-term memory improves.

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Swimming book

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