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Instagram is one of the most famous social media applications that people can use whenever they want to have some fun and spend their time without getting bored. Currently, Instagram reels are one of the best features that people can use on the application however, if you are wondering why reels are not showing in my Instagram after the update then, you do not need to worry as with the help of information present here, you can fix this issue. 

Reasons for Instagram Reels Not Working

There are several reasons behind the issue of Instagram reels not working which are mentioned below. 

Internet connection issue: When you realize that your Instagram reels are not working then maybe there is a network problem that causes this issue.

Outdated Instagram: If you are lacking any feature in an app then it could also cause by the outdated version of the app. So, if you have updated your Instagram and still using an outdated version then you may face this issue.

Overloaded cache: Another reason for Instagram reels not showing can be the overloaded cache accumulated in the app. It is really very important to clear the cache of a website but many of us need to care about cleaning up the cache and the damaged files or data. 

How to Fix It If You Can’t Use Instagram Reels?

If you see Instagram reels not working then, you do not need to worry; these simple methods given here will help you resolve the issue on your mobile phone. 

Method 1: Shut Down Your Mobile Phone 

Using Instagram is a straightforward thing but, there are many technical issues that often prevent people from using different features and this is why if you are not able to use Reels then, you just need to close down your mobile phone and see if all the technical issues are fixed. 

Method 2: Delete and Re-Install Your Application 

Deleting your application and then, re-installing the application is also a very useful method that people can use when they see that reels not working on their application. This will also ensure that you are installing the current version of the application and after this, you will be able to use Instagram reels without any issue. 

I am sure that you have understood the methods that we have discussed here and these techniques will help in resolving the issue on your mobile phone. 

Method 3: Clear App Cache

This can be the major reason behind your issue of Instagram reels not working. So, you should definitely clear up the cache data of the app on your device. To clear the cache of Instagram

Go to the settings of the on your device and then select the Instagram app under Apps and Notifications. Then you need to choose Storage and cache > clear cache >  Clear storage.

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