How to Fix WooCommerce Shipping Cost Calculation Issues

Imagine, you buy any hair product online through an eCommerce website, and it couldn’t reach you because of some shipping issues. Will you invest time in searching for products on that website in the future?

Of course, you will have second thoughts in your mind while buying again. The eCommerce website owner, be aware! This could happen with customers visiting your eCommerce website also. Knowing what your customer wants the most and what your company can do best for them, must be the main motto for online store holders.

WooCommerce has emerged from a simple plug-in to a fully customizable eCommerce platform. It provides a wide range of shipping options and opportunities to work with different partners for the growth of a business. WooCommerce made it easy for various online sellers to calculate various shipping rates based on different zones.

However, knowing that entering the wrong shipping zones or similar reasons can create problems in cost calculation in WooCommerce. To complete the WooCommerce shipping setup, it is very important to create shipping zones, followed by different shipping methods. Your WooCommerce shipping zone and methods will decide how and where your products will be shipped.

How to Setup Shipping Zones in WooCommerce?

  • On the dashboard, go to ‘shipping locations’
  • Go to shipping and then add the shipping zone
  • Enter shipping methods

Shipping methods include many different options, those are:

  • Flat rate
  • Free shipping
  • Local pickup
  • USPS (Woo Commerce Services)
  • Others

The final costs of the products are decided in WooCommerce based on some factors. Some are:

  • Woo commerce shipping based on weight
  • Depending on different zones
  • Varies to different countries
  • Shipping class
  • Different product categories
  • Based on different items
  • Based on the cost per price
  • Different cities/states may vary
  • Different zip- codes

It can be seen that the delivery of products is one of the most important elements in online shopping. Delivering products to various zones is not an easy task to accomplish. Sometimes store’s shipping doesn’t work properly which lead to the great loss of the business and customer won’t rely on that store or website again. Some common things that can affect the shipping of the product.

From the following points, we hope you find the basic reasons for issues occurring in shipping zones.

  • No proper description of the product is given
  • Not including the right weight and dimensions of the product
  • Entering the wrong pin-codes or shipping addresses
  • Constantly occurring errors in the shipping carrier with WooCommerce
  • No shipping service available to a particular location

Many users find it difficult to resolve the issue of how to fix WooCommerce shipping zones not working. They do a lot of research in this context.  Don’t worry; we are here to guide you.

Let’s discuss How to fix WooCommerce Shipping Zone Not Working?

By Adding Proper Product Description

By adding adequate information about the product, its weight, and dimensions in the given shipping tab section.

For reaching the shipping tab;

  1. Go to Product
  2. Open All Products
  • Then, click on the product data you want to check for shipping
  1. Then select shipping
  2. Fill in the given sections of dimensions and weight

By Adding Proper Shipping Address

Another thing you need to do is check the correct shipping zone and the address that belongs to it. Open shipping zone and add new methods.

It’s very easy to add shipping methods to your shipping zones in the following ways:

  • Go to Woo commerce
  • Open Settings
  • There, click on Shipping
  • Choose Edit to edit the shipping zone of your choice
  • Click on Add Shipping Method
  • Don’t forget to save changes

By Putting the Right Shipping Address

The shipping address is the main key for product delivery. Thus, to make things easier for your customers, it’s better to add extensions to your store. With the help of extensions, your customer will be able to select nearby locations without any hassle based on the letter typed by them.

Shipping Services

It is necessary to check whether the specific city/state is on the list of Courier Companies providing shipping services. If not, a clear image can be put in front of the customers regarding the same. And, they may select a location that comes under the shipping company facility.

Errors in Carrier Account

Only way to clear the error is to keep on checking the connection between the stores and shipping carriers.

The Final Talk

Users want to buy products through various online stores, providing a variety of reliable services. But somehow, some stores lack their services. Various eCommerce solutions are offered to maintain the trust of the customers on the websites.

In WooCommerce shipping, one thing to keep in mind is that if you ever face a problem in cost calculation shipping, the major reason is an incorrect shipping zone or address. The game of cost calculation of shipping is all based on entering the correct shipping zones or addresses.

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