Prostate cancer treatment in India

Many types of cancer often take place in the human body. However, there is one type of cancer that takes place only in the male body, known as Prostate Cancer. It is important to note that Prostate cancer treatment depends on the intensity of the disease. One would notice that different individuals face this disease in a completely different way. It is because, in some cases, the cancerous cells stay restricted in the Prostate gland only and do not move to the neighbouring organs. This is a manageable situation and the treatment is capable of curing a person completely in such a case. The other case is the situation of malignancy. In this situation, the cancerous cells grow rapidly by moving towards the neighbouring cells, tissues, and organs affecting them as well. 

Before getting into the new findings for the treatment of Prostate cancer, let’s first understand what exactly is Prostate? It is a gland that is present in the male body, that is in the shape of a walnut. This gland has some major functions in a male body along with producing seminal fluid. The seminal fluid is thereby responsible for the functioning, transporting, and nourishing of the sperms. Prostate cancer treatment in India is available in many well-known medical institutions that have good track records of curing patients with this type of cancer. An interesting as well as impressive fact is that people from overseas countries like South Africa, Utopia, Nigeria, Kenya, etc., are relying on an everyday basis for their medical treatments to take place in India. 

This is the reason why having solid medical assistance is of utmost importance for all foreign patients. A person with Prostate cancer may face the symptoms which are mentioned below: 

  • Red discharge in semen
  • Blood coming out while urination 
  • Weight loss
  • Dysfunction in erection 

What do recent studies suggest about Prostate Cancer?

The last few years have witnessed a treatment method for Prostate cancer known as intensity-modulated radiation therapy or IMRT. This is the most common method of curing Prostate cancer. However, the recent studies carried out by Northwestern Medicine Proton Center have made quite a lot of things clear in this treatment process. The strong evidence supports the proton therapy method for the treatment of this disease. Prostate cancer surgery in India is done in hospitals like Medanta Multispeciality Hospital – Gurugram, Apollo Hospital – New Delhi, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital – Mumbai, and many other places. 

Proton therapy is another method of curing this disease. Recent studies show that by using this method one can carry out the treatment in more efficient ways. The rate of survival increases if this is the method that is being used for the treatment of a patient suffering from Prostate cancer. The level of complications that may occur to treat this type of cancer also lessens down to many levels. 

As one would be aware of the fact that if the cancer is malignant, then it affects the neighbouring tissues as well, in that case, the studies show that proton therapy works extremely well. Many patients are quite young and once they get treated for Prostate cancer, they have a risk of developing it again in the later stages of life. However, proton therapy proves to be a great idea of treatment for young patients. The cost of Prostate cancer treatment in India ranges between INR 3,40,000 to INR 3,84,000. 

Proton therapy involves the attacking of the affected cells with high-intensity protons which are actively charged that lead to the destruction of the cancerous cells. This process makes sure that the protons are treating only the affected parts and not travelling in any other part of the body unlike the X-Ray radiation therapy, which travels throughout the body sometimes causing side effects to other healthy tissues. 

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As early detection helps in curing the disease in the best way possible, therefore regular checkups should be done. It is also better to lead a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet for the well-being of an individual.