UK Immigration

Every visa applicant is charged with a UK immigration fee by the Home Office.

Your immigration fee is dependent on the type of visa application you are applying for.

Additionally, you may be required to pay Immigration health Surcharge, biometrics and if you choose any priority or super priority service for visa and settlement.

Let us take a detailed look at these UK immigration fees.

Visa TypesUK Visa fee (in £)
Standard visitor visa for less than 6 months95
Visitor visa for less than 2 years.361
Sole Representative visa – applicant and dependants610
Settlement- applicant1,523
Settlement –  dependant relative3,250
Processing an application which is subsequently refused as invalid25
Innovator visa- applicant and dependants1,021
Global talent visa- initial processing152
Global talent visa-2nd stage application608
Global talent visa- dependent608
Tier 1 Investor visa1,623
Skilled worker visa610 (for CoS issued for 3 years)
Skilled worker visa1,220(for CoS issued for more than 3 years)
Student visa- from outside the UK348
Settlement Priority services572
General visa Priority service220
Super priority service946
User pay visa application centre fee25
Child student visa- from outside the UK348
Student visa- from within UK 475
Child student visa- from within the UK475
Naturalisation & citizenship ceremony1,330
Naturalisation British overseas territory citizens1,000

One can also find a comprehensive list on the official website. 

What is the process for applying UK visa

UK visa applications can be made online by visiting the government website and uploading all the required documents. You must additionally, book and attend your biometric interview at the nearest UKVCAS(UK Visa Citizenship application centre)

Where your fingerprints and photograph will be scanned. 

And thereafter pay the required UK immigration fee as per the above mentioned table.

What can you do on a UK visa?

The UK visa is of many types. You can choose your visa depending on the kind of visit, purpose and duration of the visit to the UK.

There are several types of visa categories such as standard visitor visas, work visas, study visas, marriage visitor visas, spouse visas, etc.

You could come to the UK for the following reasons

  1. To visit our relatives living in the UK
  2. To pursue a short term study course
  3. To attend a business meeting or conference
  4. To take medical assistance in a private UK hospital
  5. To donate an organ
  6. To study English on a short-term study course
  7. To work in the UK on skilled worker visa
  8. To work in the UK on a temporary worker visa
  9. To work in the UK as an emerging talent or promising individual.

Documentation that would be required

You need to showcase the documents while travelling to the UK. The documentation requirements can be different for your unique purpose of the visit.

  1. Your valid passport with blank pages is a must
  2. Your expenses in the UK
  3. Details of accommodation in the UK
  4. Tentative cost of your travel
  5. Details of job and job code is you are applying through skilled worker visa
  6. Assigned CoS by the UK employer
  7. Confirmation for Acceptance for studies
  8. Proof of financial stability and that you will take care of your expenses while in the UK- asked in spouse and student visa

Taking legal assistance

You can take legal assistance from an immigration solicitor in London, else you could attract threats of visa refusal and may have to wait till the cooling-off period. A  Y & J Solicitors have helped many of their clients with a successful UK visa application.

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