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Are you struggling to find the perfect mixer grinder for your kitchen? If so, then use this as a guide to finding the best one that is suitable for you. You can take inspiration from the mixer grinders available on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store from the top brands at high discounts and easy EMI payment options. You can even get a zero down payment option on many products available on the EMI Store. Here is how to find the mixer grinder that aligns with your needs.


Why do you need a mixer grinder? Be specific about your requirements and make a list of foods that you already make for which you need a mixer grinder. Think of what you intend to cook in the future. A mixer grinder that is perfect for you should help you with your specific needs.

Do you make chutneys often? Do you make smoothies every morning? Do you need a powerful food processor? Do you intend to use it for everyday cooking or just for special occasions? Knowing your needs is important to ensure you don’t get one that doesn’t meet your requirements or one that is too complex.


The mixer grinder price is an important consideration but the mixer grinder price shouldn’t be the only consideration. Are you flexible with the budget and comfortable with spending a lot of money on your mixer grinder? You want to ensure it has the features you need first and then compare the price of different mixer grinders.

The high-performance mixer grinder will cost a lot more than a classic traditional one. However, one that provides extra features is likely to cost more. Think of how much you are willing to spend on your mixer grinder. If you have a budget, then choose from Indian brands which often cost much lower than International brands.


You have many more mixer grinders available today than ever before. And these can vary according to the features and performance they provide. For example, some havells juicer mixer grinders have technology that ensures super-fine grinding and supports the grinding of difficult ingredients such as turmeric.

Another performance-specific aspect you should look into is the motor specification. The type of motor is also important because it can dictate the longevity of the appliance. Some mixer grinders come with powerful motors while others come with basic power that is suitable for everyday cooking-related tasks. Copper motors can provide better performance and are more durable than others.


You want to look at the wattage of the mixer grinder before you go ahead and purchase it from the store. For higher efficiency, experts recommend using a high wattage mixer grinder because it can better handle the tasks of grinding, juicing, and mixing.

If you are looking for a juicer mixer grinder then the higher the wattage, the better it is. Generally, 750 watts and above is the best option for most kitchens because these mixer grinders are powerful enough for higher performance when required. Such mixer grinders also blend better which means the better texture of your ingredients. This can make a difference to chutneys and batter. 


Are you going to get an electric blender or a traditional mixer grinder? When thinking of what to get, you need to think of the jars you need. Most mixer grinders come with three jars because each is made for a different need. You usually get different jars for dry grinding, wet grinding, and making juices. You must pay close attention to the jar material.

The best is stainless steel. The jars should come with sturdy handles and must be safe from leakage. The types of blades used should also be considered because flow breakers ensure thorough grinding and blending.


The mixer grinder is for you to keep in your kitchen. Do you have a small kitchen? If so, then it is better if you get a mixer grinder that has a compact design. This will make it easier for you to put it on your countertop and use it. If you have a large kitchen and lots of space then you can have bigger food processors that are bulkier.

You want to choose something that makes you happy and looks good with the interiors of your kitchen. You want to pay attention to the knobs of the mixer grinder and the overall appeal of it too.

People generally compare the mixer grinder price when choosing a mixer grinder. But that won’t suffice if you want to choose a mixer grinder that stays with you for years to come. Rather than focusing solely on price, make sure you look at the wattage, performance, design, jars, and usage. Bajaj Finserv EMI Store has a wide range of mixer grinders available with exclusive offers curated just for you.

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