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Did water spill on your laptop? We’ve all done it at some point, so don’t be alarmed. What should you do if your laptop is submerged in water or another beverage like tea or coffee, though, besides panicking?

Say you accidentally spilled water on your laptop. The clock is ticking. What should you do right now that isn’t “dunk it in a bed of rice”? Your laptop must be turned off and unplugged immediately. Don’t simply put your laptop to sleep. Hold down the power button until the device has completely shut down. Disconnect the laptop’s battery as well to reduce the chance that water will damage it in any way. Also, you should go to the computer repair service center near you.  

Here are some steps on what to do if water, or any other liquid, spills on your laptop.

Some Steps To Fix A Laptop When Water Spilled On It

  1. Turn off the laptop 

Simply depress the laptop’s power button to accomplish this. Time is of importance because your laptop will most likely short out if the moisture reaches the circuits while they are in use. Simply take off the charger wire from the laptop to disconnect it from a power source. Usually, it is on one of the housing sides of the laptop.

  1. Remove the components of your laptop  (if you can)

This step depends on which type of laptop you have if your laptop permits, remove the battery from the bottom of the case. But if there is no option to remove the battery then You should skip this step.

  1. Dry off everything you can easily reach

you’ll want to work quickly, removing as much water as you can as rapidly as you can. The longer your laptop is wet, the more likely permanent damage might occur especially if the liquid wasn’t plain water. You can use absorbent clothes or paper, towels to soak up the liquid

  1. Remove the keyboard

At the point when you have spilled water, tea, espresso, or any of the fluid on the PC, it might venture into the inward parts by means of a console. One of the main steps is to detach the console in the wake of switching off the PC. At the point when you would have done the interaction, then likewise you can check regardless of whether the water or fluid contacts the motherboard. Basically spotless the console utilizes dry, build-up-free fabric, and On the off chance that any tenacity is there, clean with liquor. Put the console topsy turvy on the towel close to the PC.

  1. Set it to face down on the dry cloth

Depending on how flexible your laptop is, doing so could produce anything from a tent-shaped laptop to a flat one. You can direct a fan at the liquid to encourage faster evaporation in order to accelerate the drying process.

  1. Take your laptop to the service center

After doing all of that take your laptop to the service center because we tried our best to save the laptop from getting damaged but maybe after doing all of that may be your laptop will open in the end, you need to go to the service center they fix your laptop in a better way.


The laptop is a sensitive technological device and an essential element of daily life. Even one water drop can cause them harm. We must take good care of computers and follow the aforementioned instructions if water or any other liquid is spilled on them until waterproof laptops become available. To avoid immediate water damage, always keep a microfiber cloth and cleaning supplies in the laptop bag.

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