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As a business owner, you know that an excellent customer experience is an important part of your success. But if you’re anything like other busy Australian businesses, it can be hard to find the time to answer every question on social media or respond to every email in a timely manner. 

It’s important to handle customer service well and here are 10 simple ways you can do it. Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Be nice.  
  2. Keep your cool.  
  3. Listen, listen, listen! And don’t interrupt them as they speak. 
  4. Really show that you care by listening and understanding their needs – not what you want to say or sell them on! 
  5. Ask open-ended questions. People will feel like they’re being heard and understood without feeling judged or pressured into a sale. 
  6. Give honest feedback about how you think they should go about solving their problem themselves before just offering up a solution for them right away (even if it means losing out on a sale).

In order to improve customer service strategies, it is important that you make your message better. Messaging can be found in many different forms from written content online and on social media posts to blogs or emails sent out by a business. 

It’s all about optimizing the message for each platform. Not everyone reads everything differently depending on what they are looking at. Take Instagram users for example who tend to read the text without actually reading every letter. Instead of seeing pictures as images first rather than words, this research was conducted through eye-tracking.


To make your customers feel special, you should ask them for feedback via email. You can reach out to your customer by sending them an informative survey that they are able to fill in. This will give you great insight into what the consumers feel about a certain product or service, which is important when it comes down to making changes within business strategy.

Social media 

Now with the advances in technology, social media has given businesses a new way to connect with their customers. And it’s not just one-way communication anymore – you can have two-way conversations that allow your business to hear directly from its customer base and receive feedback about what they think of various topics involving your company or products.

Reply to reviews

If you want a company with a customer-centric approach, make sure they respond to their online reviews. According to this survey from BrightLocal, 89% of people who had an interaction with the brand after seeing a review said that they would be more likely or much more likely in being loyal customers if companies responded positively and quickly enough. 

When it comes down to it, just how important having good feedback is through your various digital channels can really affect whether someone will buy another product or service again so take advantage!

Directing your customers to voicemail is bad

If you are in business, it can hurt the bottom line when people get too comfortable with checking their messages on their phones instead of calling someone directly. Everyone has felt its effects before whether they realized it or not. While many consider voice mail beneficial for allowing only certain employees access only during work hours, that does come with some negative consequences if used improperly which should be considered especially by larger businesses.

Customer Experience Services Forge Relationships 

Good customer service builds long-lasting business relationships. When a company provides good services, this ensures they are doing everything possible in order to retain the consumer’s satisfaction. It will lead them to return again as loyal customers. 

Customers want every interaction to feel personalised so that they can form an emotional connection with your brand or product. Feeling like you truly listen and care about what matters most towards their needs/wants. Don’t just focusing on selling more products off of impulse buying tactics. It offers value not only financially but emotionally too for consumers who seek out convenience when shopping online through digital marketing channels.

To sum up: 

You can take help from top service design agencies in Australia to help you improve your customer services and ultimately their experiences. It will help you focus more on your core activities and become customer-centric. 

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