This relatively new toy – a gyro scooter – won the hearts of many modern people, and of very different ages. Riding on hoverboards is not just interesting and exciting, because they are positioned as personal vehicles that are safe for the environment.

Therefore, more and more people are thinking about buying new items of course, no matter how simple this gadget may seem, using it without experience is not so easy. If you have not had experience riding a hoverboard or segway before, our tips will help you learn to stand and ride a gyro scooter faster. With them, you can start riding a hoverboard in just one day.

Tip 1: Wear a helmet and protection!

If this is your first time trying to stand on a hoverboards, you can’t do without a helmet and protective gear. It will be no less exciting, but no less difficult than mastering a bicycle, so the likelihood of falls is quite high.
Tip 2: Try to put your feet as close to the wheels as possible
Unpack the hoverboard, fully charge it, unplug it from the outlet and place it in front of you. Now put your left foot on the appropriate place on the hoverboard – carefully, but with pressure, otherwise the gadget will shake. Your foot should be as close to the wheel as possible, otherwise it will be very difficult to control the hoverboard. Now place the second foot – the way you step when climbing stairs: step confidently with the entire surface of the foot and do not wrinkle.

Tip 3: How to move correctly on a hoverboard

To start moving on a hoverboard, simply lean in the direction you want to go. But don’t lean too much or you might fall – do it smoothly and gently.

Tip 4: How to turn on a hoverboard

To turn on the gyro, simply turn with your foot opposite the direction you want to turn. For example, if you want to turn left, turn your right foot slightly.

Tip 5: Practice

Once you can stand and move on the hoverboard, try doing a couple of laps around or around your house. So you can get used to it. Having mastered the circles and turns in one direction, do the same in the opposite direction.

Tip 6: How to get off the hoverboard

To get off the hoverboard, do the opposite of what you did when you got on it. First, stop the hoverboards, then transfer your body weight to the dominant leg, and the second step off the board, then remove the first leg from it. Do not try to jump off the hoverboard, as you can damage it and injure yourself in this way.

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