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Whether you are in charge of a website for a small company or a big organisation, duplicating material can harm SEO results on any website. It is recommended to guarantee that no further than 30% of the information on any given page was taken from an existing page. Within a single domain, certain repeating content is to be anticipated and is not deemed “plagiarised.” This is so that users do not create duplicate information solely for “game” search engines, which is something search engines do not wish to encourage. 

You should look for a Google duplicate content checker to have assistance from your side. If a search engine examines your material and discovers duplicate terms, it could be perplexed which variant is the superior result to provide to its viewers. In addition, various sites may link to distinct duplicates when they wish to link to your material, which might affect how well-ranked it is. 

Why is duplicate content that big of a deal?

  • They are unsure which versions to index and which to leave out.
  • They are unsure about whether to maintain the link statistics distinct among several versions or to route them to one page.
  • They are unsure which version or editions to rank for search results. Again, there are many content marketing agency services that can help you with this.
  • Search engines seldom display multiple renditions of the same information, so they must pick what variant is most likely to produce the best results to offer the greatest search experience. Each copy is less visible as a result of this.
  • Because other websites must select amongst the duplicates, link equity may be further eroded. As a result, the link equity is distributed among the duplicates rather than all inbound links referring to one portion of content. Again, this may affect a piece of content’s search visibility since inbound links affect rankings.

What Effect Does Duplicate Content Have on SEO Results?

Due to the difficulty search engines face in selecting the appropriate version of the information to display visitors, duplicate content can have a detrimental impact on search visibility for an assortment of reasons. Hiring content marketing agency services can safeguard valuable SEO results.

  • Internal Rivalry – If two pages are identical or similar, search engines won’t know which one to rank higher. Additionally, since users won’t know which edition of the website is worth clicking on from the SERPs, this might make for a confused user experience. 
  • Unproductive Crawl Expenditure – If there are several pages with duplicate content but you only want one to be indexed, crawlers will still visit all of the duplicate versions, which might prevent them from seeing non-duplicate, crucial pages.
  • Mixed Link Equity – Since it may be unclear which version of the page to link to, external and internal links can point to various versions of the page. Instead of directing traffic to the single page you want to be crawled and ranked, this will distribute the link ownership across a number of pages.

How can I keep my content original?

  • Cut down on similar stuff. Find strategies to condense or diversify the material if your website contains numerous pages with the same content.
  • Rewrite the material. Make sure that each of the sections is semantically changed each time if you want to reuse a substantial quantity of information across different pages or domains. Even if the page might communicate the same idea to the consumer, it should always utilise distinct terms.
  • To prevent having the same information available at several URLs, be conscious of your content administration system. Make sure, for instance, that your blog’s homepage only displays extracts and not the entirety of blog articles. Duplicate content occurs when an entire blog post exists on both the main and individual pages.
  • When using internal links, be uniform. For example, Prioritise connecting to the pertinent material rather than feeling that you must repeat much information on several pages.


While Google does not officially state the consequences of duplicate content, taking it with a grain of salt is always advised. However, it filters similar material, which has the same effect as a penalty, your websites lose ranks. So take some time to check out a Google duplicate content checker.

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