Social media is taking the world by storm these days. In this current pandemic scenario, nearly every business process has shifted to digital mode to stay in business. With so many people embracing digital as the future, it becomes important for you to stand out from the crowd to make your business/project shine. SEO marketing plays a pivotal role in making your website rank. Not just this, SEO is considered as the highest-ROI online lead generation strategy available to marketers in 2021. SEO is greatly enriching in lead generation

Now that we know that Lead generation and SEO are among the two most important elements for creating an effective marketing plan, let’s dive deep into its usage and other related terms like SEO Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation Funnel, B2B Lead Generation, and more. 

Lead Generation is developing interesting elements in your business that can stretch out to qualified customers – eventually aiding in nurturing and transforming your business. No business can survive without leads, therefore, to drive massive growth for your business, you need to use SEO and Lead Generation in your marketing plan. Let’s dig right into these strategies: 

  1. Use SEO-Optimized Content

The best trick to use SEO to bag more leads on your website is to create an active blog with optimized content. Create regularly updated content and make use of proper images, keywords, etc. An active blog post can reach out to qualified people that can turn into loyal customers for your business. 


Use subheadings: Listing down pointers and creating subheadings can actually make your content more readable and scannable. It can help Google to more easily understand what your content is all about – giving people a direct way to reach your website easily. 

Add links: Make use of relevant links for the content on your website. This will boost page insights, improve usability, and increase credibility for your content. 

Use authoritative content: Nothing can take place of easy, valuable, and authentic content. Pack your content with insights, credible sources/links, and easy language. Create content for your users, not Google. 

Use keywords: Keywords can help increase your reach instantly. Do keyword research for your website and fit in the most important keywords in your article.

Publish Consistently: Consistency is the KEY! The more frequently you make content, the better. 

2. Improve your Website Speed

The speed at which your website runs is a massive factor in search engine rankings. Help your users with the best experience possible. The faster your website responds to search, the higher Google will rank it.

3. Begin link building

Links can help users to navigate between pages on the web. Link building is an integral element in SEO lead generation strategy. 

Tip: Use the only link to high-quality sources. It will help you improve the ranking of your domain. You can also reach out to bloggers for guest posting. 

4. Use SEO strategies 

You can adopt simple yet effective SEO strategies like using local SEO that will be more focused on targeting users of your local area. Using local SEO can make your business more visible and will help rank your website higher. 

5. Manage customer reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important for any business. In the same way, customer reviews spur SEO, as well as your overall rankings. They make your website credible and reliable. Ask users to put encouraging reviews, respond, acknowledge and show you value your customers. Google looks at your business’ involvement online to determine where to rank you in search. Therefore, to put the ball in your court, use best SEO practices. You can also use some SEO reporting tools to keep track of the factors such as keyword usage, link clicks, etc.

Now that we have a little hold of SEO Lead Generation, let’s understand about Lead Generation Funnel. 

A Lead Generation Funnel is an approach to generating leads/potential customers for your business. It encompasses a process of funneling your target audience through distinct stages. 

There are 3 stages for Lead Generation Funnel:

Stage 1. TOFU (Top of the Funnel)

The first stage, TOFU, focuses on awareness. TOFU is your business’s first contact with a potential lead. It is basically an introduction phase of your business. 

Stage 2. MOFU (Middle of the Funnel)

MOFU is the engagement/interaction phase of your business. This is an integral stage, and proper nurturing is required for a potential lead to stay. 

Stage 3. BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)

Now that the visitors have turned into leads, you can start building a strong relationship with them.

Well, these tips and suggestions will give a cutting-edge peek to your business and will help you ace your Google ranking. Focus on boosting your SEO by creating an SEO-optimized blog. Don’t forget to maintain an active social media base and experience consistent growth in your business.

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