marriage visitor visa

Well, nothing is more important than marrying the right person of your choice. And what better than achieving this dream in the UK together with your partner.

 Any individual(s) who is above 18 years of age, can come to the UK on a short visit to register marriage, civil partnership with their partner. They can also just come to the UK to give notice of civil partnership or marriage.

Most essential requirements

-Both individuals should be above 18 years of age for getting married or applying for civil partnership.

-Both individuals should hold a valid Marriage visitor visa.

-Your relationship is genuine and you can prove the same.

-You will just enter the UK to get married, or register your civil partnership or give notice for marriage or civil partnership. And post your work, you won’t stay any further in the UK.

-While you stay in the UK, you won’t access any public funds.

To ‘give notice’ of marriage or civil partnership

Giving notice means that  you and your accomplice should sign an assertion at your neighborhood register office to say that you mean to get hitched or form a civil partnership. You probably lived in the enlistment district for the past 7 days before you can give notice.

In the event that you or your accomplice are non-EEA citizens, you should give notice together at an assigned register office.

The notification period is 28 working days – so you should stand by no less than 29 days before the service can happen. During this holding up period, there is no compelling need to stay in the UK.

Documents to be sent

There are 4 pieces of evidence required by you to sent to the Home office

  1. Valid passport with blank pages. In case you don’t have a blank page left, you may need to apply for a fresh passport.
  2. Your financial credentials- bank statements, payslips, etc.
  3. Your lodging and accommodation arrangement details
  4. Evidence that you have a genuine relationship with your partner/spouse.

It is ideal to give however much proof that you can to show that you meet all of the qualification necessities. Consultation from an immigraton solicitor will assist with guaranteeing that your Marriage Visitor visa application is appropriately ready and fulfills the necessities of the Immigration Rules.

Choose to contact A Y & J Solicitors for all visa and immigration related questions.

Application, fee and waiting time

You must make an online application as early as 3 months before your visit to the UK.

It costs  £95.00. And you would have to wait for 3 weeks before you hear from the Hoe office.

If your application for a Visit visa has been declined, immigration solicitors can educate on the benefits concerning making a new application.

If the choice to deny your application was unlawful, outlandish or procedurally ill-advised, then you can apply for Judicial Review.

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