Hey there, looking for the latest smartwatch and headphone that suits your style, then you have come to the right place.

I will be notifying you about the features of accessories trending in 2021 with which you can choose what you fantasize about the most. Whether it is an iOS or Android compatible watch, an in-depth review is what you need since it can be pretty confusing while you are looking to buy the best smartwatch and headphones with an elegant design and most incredible hardware.  

Let’s start with latest smartwatches:- 

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 

When talking about technology and gadgets nowadays you can’t leave out the name of Apple as it empowers us with the latest smartwatches now and then. Apple watch series 6 is one of the best smartwatches made by Apple till now. It gives function of health features, now comes with a brighter screen, blood oxygen (SpO2) reader. 

What’s more, is that there will be an eye-catching colour like exclusive blue and predict red finishes. 

Comes with fast charging. 


  • OS- watchOS7 
  • compatibility- iOS 
  • display –  1.78″ OLED
  • processor – APPLE S5
  • size – 40mm, 44mm 
  • storage – 16GB
  • battery – 18 hours 
  • charging method – wireless
  • IP rating – water resistance to 50m
  • connectivity – wi-fi, bluetooth, LTE
  • GPS- Yes
  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Technology is reaching a new height every day and getting smart with it is what means to be progressing. And that’s exactly what Samsungs has done with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch. It comes with a slimmer design, physically rotating bezel, FDA approved ECG rating, music storage. 


  • OS- Tizen OS 
  • compatibility- iOS, ANDROID 
  • display –  360×360OLED
  • processor – Exynos 9110
  • size – 41mm, 45mm 
  • battery – 2 days 
  • charging method – wireless 
  • IP rating – IP68
  • connectivity – wifi, Bluetooth 
  • GPS-Yes
  1. Fitbit sense

This one is also one of the latest smartwatches that comes with enticing features and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

If you are looking for something to have tabs on your health and wellness then this smartwatch is for you. It comes with health effective sensors like FDA approved ECG sensor and blood oxygen reader and also can calculate an electrodermal activity and skin temperature. Also has google assistant and Alexa built-in. 


  • GPS- Yes
  • compatibility- iOS, ANDROID 
  • size – 40mm 
  • battery – 6 days 
  • Heart rate monitor – yes 
  • connectivity –  bluetooth
  1. Lemfo M1

Those who like their music with every activity especially with morning or evening walks are to see this one. Because this is where you can watch your time, other parameters and listen to music as it comes to earbuds and its charger. 

Yes, these are blue-tooth connected to the device with various functions like heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, alarm, multiple languages. 


  • compatibility- iOS, ANDROID 
  • Resolution- 160×80
  • battery – polymer lithium battery with 100-130 mAh
  • charging method – USB charging 
  • connectivity – Bluetooth
  • Music – yes 

Let’s talk about latest headphone in 2021:-

  1. Sony Wh-1000XM4

When it comes to music whether we talk about earphones, headphones or speakers Sony comes up with the best products. Just like this latest headphone of Sony which packs some decent quality music. It provides even minute music details when listening and has good built quality. And of course, comes with a unique design that looks good no matter where you are wearing them. It comes with stellar touch controls, numbers of features via Sony connect headphone app, sound and noise cancellation, multiple connecting ways to the headphone. 


  • Size:-9.94×3.03×7.27inches
  • weight:-8.95ounce
  • battery life:- 30 hours with ANC ON AND 38 hours ANC OF
  • Bluetooth range:- 12 meters
  1. Bose 700

Talk about music and we all know who is boss. 

Bose always provides the best headphone and earphones with enticing design, cool features. 

These come with adjustable ANC levels, slick attractive design, excellent noise cancellation on calls which give best calling experience, best controls and good quality buttons. 

It gives up to 11 levels of adjustable ANC. Smart assistance integration, touch control. No matter if its gaming or music go for it. 


  • Size:-8 x 6.5 x 2 inches 
  • weight:- 8.8 ounce 
  • battery life:- 20 hours 
  • Bluetooth range:- 9 meters 
  1. Apple air pods 

Yes, Apple is here on the list too but with some good price and I don’t know if its noise cancellation is as good as its price. Of course, they provide an eye-catching design which you can show around anywhere as its apple of course so the feeling of luxury is there. It comes with Crispy sound quality and 3d spatial audio features. 


  • Size:-7.4×6.6×3.3 inches
  • weight:- 13.6 ounce
  • battery life:- 20 hours with ANC on 
  • Bluetooth range:- 10 meters 

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