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By buying and installing a solar panel kit you will be saving on the price and respecting the environment. Although each case is different, to install Solar Panel in Pakistan for the home we will need photovoltaic panels, structures, inverters, charge regulators, accessories, and, on some occasions, batteries or even electric generators.


Do you have problems or doubts with your solar panel kit?

Would you like to include any component in the installation of Solar Panel in Pakistan? Our professional team is at your disposal in order to help you with any questions with your solar panel kit. In addition, our technicians will make personalized budgets, always looking for the best sale price according to your needs.

Also, given our experience, we create the sets of materials that we usually work with when we want to install solar panels for the house more frequently, in order to facilitate the client’s global vision about the elements of the solar kit towards the sale and the price.

Solar kit, how is the installation of solar panels carried out?

We have professional installers from Auto solar and with extensive experience in the sector. They move to any point of the peninsula to offer a complete service to the client who wants to buy the components of the solar panel kit price and, later, install solar panels for the house. In this way, there is no need to worry about having to make connections without notions of electricity or without knowledge of the material that is going to be used to install solar panels.

In addition, if you have any questions and decide to install solar panels yourself , on our YouTube channel you will find a multitude of videos on which to install solar panels for a home or any other type of installation of solar panels or photovoltaic products, whether for grid connection or off-grid. . You can also check some of our solar panel installation work for these systems by visiting our blog.

Install solar panels. What types are there?

We have different types of options to install solar panels for homes made up of photovoltaic elements from the best international manufacturers for your installation of solar panels for these systems; That is why all the devices in the solar kit have a long warranty period as long as they are used correctly and the Solar manufacturer in Pakistan are followed from the moment of sale.

The correct dimensioning depends on the type of Solar Panel Price in Pakistan that you want, the consumption that is expected to be covered and the investment that you want to make when installing solar panels for your home, whether it is: connected to the grid, your isolated country house or even your camper

On the other hand, installing solar panels for the house will also depend on the use that is given to the house, that is, if it is a weekend house or a country house, it will be necessary to size the solar panel installation in such a way that it guarantees the supply during short periods of time and punctually.

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How to Find the Best Solar Panel Company in Lahore, Pakistan

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