Tried and tested electrical safety tips to keep your property safer

A large number of people happen to live in homes that have severe electrical hazards. If those issues are left ignored and not properly dealt with untoward incidents may take place anytime in course of future. Those untoward incidents may even claim lives as well as cause severe injuries. It is important for everyone to be aware about the hazards of electricity. Electrical energy is always hazardous. If you do not approach it with minimal care and caution an untoward incident may occur any time. In the following sections of this blog post let us explore few tried and tested tips to avoid electrical shock at home.

Repair or replace any worn out, damaged, loose, cracked or faulty electrical cord without delay

Electrical safety at homes starts with the things that you can easily perform to prevent injuries from an electrical shock. In other words this means keeping your eyes always open to gauge the condition of light fixtures and extension cords. Even appliances like electric stoves and ovens, dishwashers, clothes dryers, refrigerators too fall in that category. Damaged electrical cords are one of the commonest electrical hazards that are found in homes. The cords can get caught on furniture. They can also be walked over easily. As a result short circuits and electrical shocks are very common. Get any worn out, damaged, cracked, loose electrical cords replaced promptly without any delay.

Maintain safe distance between electrical devices and sources of water to avoid the potential risk of electrical shock

There are several ways to ensure electrical safety at home. It is important remembering that safety does not depend on electrical equipments alone. It is also important that water should never come in contact to any equipment that is plugged into an electrical outlet or power cord. There are some common household items that invariably get exposed to water. The list includes clothes washers, dishwashers, irons, vacuum cleaners, coffee pots and blenders to name a few.  Handle these items carefully. These all are potential risk when they come in contact with even minimal amount of moisture.

Never overload outlets

Let us be sure about one basic thing related to electrical safety.  There is just no way that you can get away with plugging in more than one appliance to an electrical outlet at a time. But people keep pulling this stunt to ensure their convenience. This is a dangerous situation for every electrical system, whether it is your home or office. Electrical appliances like refrigerators shut off prematurely when you run those on an overloaded circuit. In worse cases your appliance may even stop working permanently when exposed to such circumstances. As far as homes are concerned you can use a CHINT circuit breaker to avoid the issue of electrical overload.

Avoid overheating by unplugging appliances when not in use

You should make it a habit of unplugging electrical appliances when those are not in use. According to qualified and registered electrician working at the Electric Works London this is one of the most vital steps related to electrical safety. When you unplug an appliance when it is not in use it prevents overheating as well as overloading of your outlet. Overheating is a massive threat related to the electrical system of a property. It often causes electrical fire. It can also cause severe damage to the existing electrical system of a property.

Proper wattage is a must for light fixtures and lamps

Here is a guideline that helps remembering the correct wattage for light fixtures and lamps. Ideally lighting must be kept at 60 watts. It is also alright to keep it lower than 60 W. but remember that 40 is the preferred wattage. It is better not to put more than one light bulb per lamp. However if there are two switches so that you can turn the light on separately, in that case you can put more than one bulb per lamp. Do not go with innovative mix of old incandescent bulbs with the modern energy efficient versions.

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The two varieties of products consume different quantities of power. Thus it may case flickering. In worse cases chances of a fire cannot be ruled out either. If children do not want to sleep in the dark, use night bulbs instead of table lamps to keep the room illuminated. A modern option to light up a room is the CHINT LED light. The option is highly energy efficient to keep your monthly utility bills to minimal. Moreover CHINT lights cause reduced eye strain. The light that it gives out is more comfortable to stare at for hours at a stretch compared to that of any other variety of bulb.

Do stick to appliance instructions at all times for greater electrical safety

Every appliance manual includes information about how to use the device properly. While assembling a new toy for your new one you obviously go through the information carefully and follow the steps accordingly. It is also a good practice to read the user manual carefully before you start using an electrical appliance. This way you automatically make the best possible use of the device. Damaged or frayed extension cords are one of the most commercial electrician hazards found across homes. Never run extension cords under carpeting. Remember that an extension cord is never meant to carry load for more than a few feet in length.  Avoid using extension cords that have visible wear and tear marks. An overloaded power outlet is another potential electrical hazard that is commonly found across homes. Any untoward incident occurring from an overloaded power outlet may cause severe injuries as well as death. It is a good idea to replace old fuses with new ones before they blow out.

Repair or replace any worn out, damaged, loose, cracked or faulty electrical cord without delay

A team of highly qualified and experienced electricians has something important to share in the ongoing context. These licensed and registered electricians possess years of experience in providing landlord electrical safety certificate. According to them you must leave sufficient space so that your appliances can breathe easily. Providing this breathing space is crucial as it prevents overheating of the appliances. Thus the appliances remain efficient much longer. On the other hand if you leave no breathing space for your appliance they get overheated easily. This in turn cuts their life much shorter. The user manual that is provided by a manufacturer is your best guide to decide where an appliance is to be placed so that you enjoy the best results from it.

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