A CBSE school acknowledges the significance of extracurricular activities, sports, arts education, and music on children’s development. They are equally needed in academics. However, most schools give more priority to academics than other activities. It happens because good academic scores allow students to achieve success in their respective job fields. 

Excelled students get exciting offers from companies. However, giving importance to music learning shapes young minds brilliantly. So let’s learn why music education is necessary for fruitful academic performance. 

Why is Music Important?

Before understanding its impact on academics, we will examine why music is essential in life.

  • Calms the mind: Right music can uniquely calm the mind. Therefore, we listen to soothing music, which brings peace to disorderly minds. 
  • Increases focus: We learned that good music calms the mind. A calm mind can concentrate better even in stressful situations. 
  • Stimulates brain performance: Music learning requires much effort and attention. Hence, our brain has to be intensely focused on learning music, which can help improve its performance. 
  • Increases creative skills: Effective music education does wonders for our creativity. Our mind begins to think more creatively when relaxed after hearing peaceful music.

Impact of Music Education on Academic Performance 

  • Suitable for scores: Music learning comes under extracurricular activities. Schools give extra scores to the students who participate in these activities. The majority of schools ensure that all students are actively involved in extracurricular. So students can score extra marks, which schools later add to their cumulative report. It benefits academically poor-performing students. They can redeem themselves by scoring well in music education.  
  • Prevents boredom: Most students lack interest in their studies if they find them boring. But, with the addition of music, studies can become exciting. It can be a significant escape for such students. Its relaxation powers can make them take an interest in other subjects. Furthermore, they will regularly attend school lectures to learn music. Music can seem interesting to the students, making them learn it enthusiastically. 
  • Reduces stress: Schools must introduce music learning because it reduces stress. Some subjects induce stress in children, which affects their attention span. Furthermore, they can feel that certain subjects are boring. In such cases, music education can calm their stress and help them gain interest in their studies.
  • All-around academic development: As we discussed earlier, music education can help increase your grades. So there is a good chance of getting an academic boost. In addition, music learning reduces stress, giving calmness to the students. Students take an interest in their academics and focus better on other subjects. Therefore, schools must make music education mandatory for class 10 Admission 2023 and other grades in 2023 because it allows academic development.
  • Students learn teamwork skills: Many music teachers implement instrument learning in groups. Schools sometimes also organise group music performances to help students learn teamwork skills. 
  • Career opportunities: Students performing excellently in music can also seek a career opportunity. Making a music career is fulfilling. You can learn throughout your career. Furthermore, people working in this field get a perfect coping mechanism in music. 

Some of the best career opportunities for students interested in music are as follows:

  • Music teacher
  • Composer
  • Instrumentalist
  • Songwriter
  • Singer
  • Audio engineer
  • Music choreographer


These were six reasons why music education impacts academic performance. All CBSE schools must make it mandatory. 

You can start taking special music classes if it interests you in the school. Moreover, you can make a career in this field.

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