Everybody wants to live in an aesthetically pleasing house: these have the charm, vibe, and aura to create the perfect environment. However, so many things play an essential role in making a beautiful house. Tiles are one of them. When you visit a tile shop like Orient Bell, you can explore how numerous intricate things work here to make your home’s flooring look flawless.

The tile flooring layout creates the flow of your home and rooms. Perfect floor transitions from one room to another create a seamless and smooth finish. The transition must be neat and clean if two connected rooms are decorated with different tiles. 

An exquisite tile-to-tile transition is necessary not just for the clean look but also for protecting the tiles. This article will discuss how a tile dealer can help you achieve this perfection by giving you some extraordinary tile transition ideas.

Tile-to-Tile Transition Ideas

In this section, a few options are mentioned for tile transitions between two rooms. A tile shop can show you real examples of these ideas. But, for now, reading this would be enough to know the facts.

Transition Strips

Transition strips are one of the most stylish yet inexpensive options to create a transition between the floors of the two tiled rooms. The strips are thick wood or vinyl sections that easily get well-fitted between the two flooring sections. You can understand this when you visit a tile shop near me. 

A threshold with transition strips is available in varied styles. In the most common ones, a hook fits well below the floor. You can even witness a lip that gets curved on the floor, creating a neat edge.

Transition strips are highly recommended, even by a tile dealer because of their functionality over style. Though there is a drawback to the transition strips, only a handful of options are available. Sometimes all the models might not fit your flooring well, ruining the visually appealing look. 

Threshold Transition

What do you think about the threshold transition? If you don’t know much about this, a tile dealer can show you many options. Thresholds look elegant between the tiled floors as they carry the pattern of the tiles from one room to another. A variety of Threshold patterns can be created with tile, deco strip, marble, or pebble.

There are a few steps to installing thresholds in rooms. Use the field tiles from the floors, cut them into pieces, spread the mortar, and then create the look. They fit perfectly into the floors, creating a clean edge over the curves. 

This Threshold transition is an extremely functional and stylish method. You can use pebbles for thresholds and fill the gap between the doorways of the rooms. Hence, a clean transition is on the way between the two rooms. A tile shop near me could be your perfect partner to get this look.

Colour Blocking

For the tile-to-tile transition pattern, colour blocking is a popular technique. It is highly preferred in homes. There are many houses where every room has a different tile. Here, the colour block pattern is a great method for creating visually appealing transitions between the rooms. A tile shop can even show you samples of this.

The transition process is simple for the tiles. It is also advisable to lay small, horizontal tiles available in particular colours between the joint sections of the two rooms. If the room’s tile colours are different shades, then the transition tile works as a hue between its tile colours; it also offers a flawless tile-to-tile transition.

There is another option, too. Selecting a complementary and matching tile colour where the transition tile complements the other tiles of the room. Modern homeowners prefer to use contrasting tile colours to make the transition process ideal with a contemporary twist. Experts at a good tile showroom will suggest this to their customers. 

For example, an olive-green tile can create a perfect transition between two light-coloured tile rooms. At the same time, a beige-coloured tile can be used for transition in the case of a cream-tiled and a mocha-tiled room.

Tile Patterns

If you search the internet for the term’ tile shop’ near me and ask them about different classic methods of tile-to-tile transition, they will surely mention the gorgeous tile patterns. It signifies a neat transition from one room to another. The tiles look very appealing if they are similar in each room.

The leftover pieces can be used to create a threshold. When you cut them into small triangular shapes derived from the large tile sections, they change the whole look of your rooms. But remember that the tiles should be placed in an alternative triangular pattern to create the threshold look between the spaces.

To make the rooms look more artistic, you can easily smash off the tiles and create a mosaic décor. Then, fill the space with dark-coloured concrete to create a contrasting look. Browse a tile showroom near me on Google and check their portfolio to get a realistic idea of this concept.

By any chance, if the room tiles do not match, then a cream or neutral-gray colour can change the whole look. A simple yet elegant tile-to-tile transition pattern between the rooms can be created accurately with this technique.


This article has covered different points that could give you an overall idea and experience of a seamless tile transition between rooms. As many transition options are available, you don’t need to sacrifice exclusive styles to make the tile transition process functional. For further information, contact the renowned tile dealer Orient Bell and make your home appealing with different tiles.

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