As a healthcare professional, are you looking to switch jobs? or do you want to start your career in home healthcare services? Either way, here are the top 25 home healthcare jobs that will offer you great pay and perks in 2022.

1. Home Care Physical Therapist

Home care physical therapists help patients manage their pain, improve their movements, or regain their moving abilities post-accident or surgery.

The salaries of home care physical therapists range between $90,000 – $144,000 per annum in the US. 

2. Home Care Speech Therapist

Home care speech therapists treat patients with speech issues and cognitive issues that affect their ability to speak. Their salaries range between $80,500 – $145,500 per annum. 

3. Home Health Travel PT

Home health travel PTs can also earn lucrative salaries in the United States. Depending upon their experience, a home health travel PT can have an annual salary of around $49,000 – $101,500

4. Home Health – Director of Operations

A home health director of operations has the duty of overseeing the work of home healthcare service providers, recruiting qualified professionals, etc.

The salary of an experienced home health director of operations ranges between $83,000 – $132,000 annually. 

5. RN House Supervisor

RN house supervisors handle all administrative tasks and decisions. Their duties include supervising nurses, providing assistance during emergencies, and more.

An experienced RN house supervisor can earn between $75,000 – $113,500 per annum. 

6. Home Health Nurse 

Home healthcare nurses have the responsibility of taking care of the elderly, disabled, and people recovering from accidents.

The salaries of home health nurses in the US range between $53,500 – $89,000 per annum. 

7. Home Health RN

From monitoring the patient’s vitals to giving them medicines and complete care at home, home health RN perform several important duties.

Experienced home health RN can earn anywhere between $67,000 – $100,000 per annum.

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8. Home Health Occupational Therapist 

Home health occupational therapists help patients with their occupational therapy needs at their home. Currently, the salaries of home health occupational therapists are between $84,500 to $135,500 per year.

9. Home Healthcare Respiratory Therapist

They treat patients suffering from chronic respiratory issues. Skilled home healthcare respiratory therapists can earn $49,000 – $94,500 annually. 

10. Home Healthcare Clinical Manager 

Home healthcare clinical managers perform supervisory and administrative roles. They can earn a minimum salary of around $55,500 – $87,500 per annum. 

11. Home Healthcare Chaplain 

Home healthcare chaplains are pastors who offer spiritual and religious support to patients and their families.

Home care chaplains work with patients in palliative care or hospice. Their yearly salary ranges between $31,000-$71,500. 

12. Home Rehabilitation Counselor

They offer one-on-one medical counseling to mentally, physically, or developmentally disabled patients at their homes.

The annual salary of a rehabilitation counselor ranges between $43,500 – $55,000. 

13. Live-in Caregiver

Live-in caregivers are healthcare professionals who live with the patients 24/7 and take care of all their daily needs. The salary of a live-in caregiver in the US ranges between $25,000-$44,500 per annum.

14. Home Healthcare Billing Expert 

They work for a doctor’s office and take care of all billing and collections-related services. Their annual salary ranges between $31,000-$48,000 per annum.

15. Home Care Scheduler

Home care schedulers schedule staff availability, manage patient visits, book consultation sessions, and more. Their yearly salary is around $30,000-$41,500.

16. Home Healthcare Support Worker

Healthcare support workers help patients who do not require a full-fledged medical facility, but some ongoing care while they recover at home. The yearly salary of healthcare support workers is between $26,500-$37,000.

17. Overnight Caregiver

As the name suggests, overnight caregivers stay with patients at night and take care of their medical needs. Their salary ranges between $25,000-$34,000.

18. Homeworker 

These are the medical professionals who work from home and deliver services. Their salary ranges between $29,000-$52,000 annually. 

19. Live-in companion 

These are the professionals who live in and work from their patients’ homes. They take on complete responsibilities for their patients and provide complete care to them throughout the day. Their salary is around $21,500-$26,500 annually.

20. Homemaker 

Homemakers assist and care for the entire family of their clients. Their duties include cooking, doing laundry, and more.

They can earn between $23,500-$31,000 annually. 

21. Home Healthcare Coding Expert 

These are the experts who manage medical records and data, write codes to maintain agency confidentiality, and more. Their salary is around $33,500-$57,000 per annum. 

22. Home Care Case Manager 

Home care case managers coordinate with the patient’s primary doctors, and other medical professionals to offer the best medical support to the patients. Their salary ranges between $33,000-$75,000.

23. Home Visitor 

They visit homes to ensure that the environment is ideal for the ideal development of children living there. The annual salaries of home visitors are $30,000-$38,000,

24. Home Healthcare Physical Therapy Assistant

They are healthcare professionals who perform the duties as directed by the lead physical therapist. The salary of physical therapy assistants ranges between $61,500 – $81,500.

25. In-house Clinical Research Associate

In-house CRAs assist the head researchers of their team. Their responsibilities include conducting clinical trials, studying reports, etc.

An in-house CRA can earn around $52,000 – $80,500 annually. 


So there you have it – the 25 highest-paying home healthcare jobs of 2022.

Before choosing any of these jobs, consider analyzing your skills, qualifications, and interests. Doing so will help you take the right career decision.

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