All those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head and to make these dreams come true, Shiva MotoCorp left no stone unturned. Shiva group has a history of delivering seamless customer experience since 1928 and been improvising to stay on top in such a competitive industry by following their core principle of delivering unmatched customer delight and satisfaction to all their customers.

In 1928, Shiva Group start the family business operations via petrol pump for Bharat Petroleum in Ghaziabad, thereafter they keep on achieving one milestone over the another be it starting the Authorized service and spares dealership for Bajaj Auto in 1972 or Start of the Mahindra Franchise in Ghaziabad and East Delhi in 2009, followed by franchise of Jaguar Land Rover in Noida.

Founder Of Shiva Group

Mr. Amit Garg is director of Shiva Group and joined the family business in 1997, he has been actively involved in successfully running the Automotive retail business and working towards the expansion of brands and locations. He possesses great leadership skills and a solid grasp of market dynamics.

By bringing prominent brands like Mahindra & Mahindra, The Jaguar Land Rover, Bajaj Auto, and Bajaj Commercial to the company, he has contributed significantly to the expansion of his family firm. He is very socially involved in the business and industrial communities and has received numerous awards from various social organizations.

The Shiva MotoCorp has 14 outlets across Delhi NCR covering all segments from two wheelers, passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. They sell new models and offer services that can be helpful in selling used vehicles. Apart from this, there are insurance policies and finance options that are best fitted for the customer. Overall, they are providing complete solutions for owning and maintaining the vehicles.

Shiva group

Shiva group is well known for providing the best buying experience to its customers with regular schemes and discounts from time to time. They have a customer base of more than 5 lakh people which is growing continuously.

In Delhi-NCR, Shiva Motocorp began to develop into a full-service platform for premium vehicles. Finding your ideal car has never been simpler thanks to the huge selection offered in this luxury car store. Since the beginning, Shiva group worked to ensure that they will not be the conventional car dealers in Delhi NCR because they also sell a way of life in addition to cars. Every one of our customers is certain to receive the best offer to suit their premium way of life thanks to them. They are able to recognize the unique tastes of each consumer and match them with the appropriate automobile. Whether you choose a sedan, sports car, or luxury SUV, they can offer you the right premium all-terrain vehicle with efficiency.

Shiva MotoCorp pay attention to design, details, quality and client satisfaction to ensure customer get to take their dream car home with seamless customer experience.


Shiva MotoCorp is a one stop solution for all automobile needs of the client, customer has always provided the positive feedback on hassle free and great customer experience. Dealing with the expert professionals always bring ease in doing business and the works gets done effectively and efficiently, Professionals in Shiva MotoCorp are well experienced and always strive to deliver the best as they never see buying and selling of a car as one time deal, instead they believe in building long term relationship with the client and as a outcome Shiva MotoCorp has a customer base of more than 5 Lakh people. Entire process of dealing is well managed and coordinated, which makes the client feel attended with respect and care as the owner of the vehicle, it also makes them understand they invested their money in the right product under the guidance of the right people.

The entire process is very smooth be it about selecting, comparing or understanding the design, model, variant, color, specification, and maintenance, etc., team of professionals with their skills and technical knowledge always resolve customer queries and ensure all doubts are cleared before making the final decision. Along with appreciation for the professional nature and knowledge of the staff, clients never miss out on admiring the Prices and offers they receive throughout the year. Overall, Shiva MotoCorp is worth a visit to see the professional behavior and building a relationship that last beyond the boundaries of buying and selling of a vehicle.

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