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The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has commendably influenced the way the system functions. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that AI is the future. It develops and researches tools to stimulate the human intellect, and aims to maximise routine processes by elevating their pace and effectiveness.

Every industry is using AI to some extent, and education is no exception. Smart classes can be a great example of it. 

Perhaps the most enticing approach to organisational transformation is the embrace of technology. And for the same reason, including AI, Python and data science in class 10 schools’ curricula is crucial.

These concepts will help to build the fundamental theory of how these contribute to various industries. Moreover, attaining basic knowledge on these subject matters will influence your future subject selection. 

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for Class 10 

The Candid Artificial Intelligence and Python book by Sarvesh Chopra follows the recent CBSE syllabus to ascertain that you understand and learn from all the carefully formulated chapters. These chapters include tools and descriptions from the AI sector, along with real-life examples. 

Learning has been made simple with this book, it is learner-friendly and considered among the best CBSE books about artificial intelligence in the country. The book focuses on improving your skills with suitable guidelines and examples that help you comprehend and retain the concepts for the long term. 

What Do the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Contain? 

The book of artificial intelligence class 10 focuses on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. But it also focuses on the concepts of Python programming that aim towards improving your technical skills. The book has taken a value-based approach to provide you with all the concepts of Python and artificial intelligence that are easily understandable.

It provides quick activities based on the artificial intelligence games, hands-on exercises, and examples that will encourage your experiential learning and experience. 

Features of Candid Artificial Intelligence and Python CBSE Class 10

    • Following the recent CBSE syllabus

One of the best aspects of this book is that it strictly follows the syllabus provided by CBSE. It not only inculcates the syllabus but ascertains to present it in a way that most students will find comprehensible. It has been written meticulously, with useful tools, great examples, and explanations surrounding artificial intelligence class 10. 

With this book’s help, you can incorporate artificial intelligence into problem-solving across different contexts.

    • Improvement in technical proficiency

The goal behind this book is not only to prepare you for your class 10 examinations but also to improve your technical knowledge and experience by learning and discovering Python programming fundamentals. 

Such an approach has made Python interesting and enchanting to many students nationwide. 

    • Online learning support

Unlike many books, the artificial intelligence class 10 book has been considered to meet your online learning needs. In every chapter, there are QR codes given that you can scan and learn from there. 

When studying a subject, there is not only one way to learn it. You can instead learn it in any way you want. If you do not feel like reading or going through your practicals, use the QR code to make your learning process more enjoyable.

    • Examination guide

The book Candid Artificial Intelligence and Python for class 10 is not only a book that teaches you about artificial intelligence and Python, but it also prepares you for your examination. Furthermore, the book provides you with all the tools you will require to ace your examination. It has activities and exercises that are helpful in understanding a concept and testing your knowledge. 

    • Easily understandable

The language of this book is simple and understandable by all. Artificial intelligence is a new subject and if it is written in a complicated language, it will become difficult and boring for students.

The book by Sarvesh Chopra has ascertained that the knowledge stored in its pages can be understood by all and comprehended in a way that they will not have to go over any other book. Such a move makes it convenient for you to review the lessons without requiring help. Overall, it saves your time considerably when you are focusing all your effort on understanding and retaining the knowledge rather than deciphering the meaning of each and every work provided in the book. 


The Candid Artificial Intelligence and Python CBSE book for class 10 is a useful and important book. You can buy the book from a bookstore near you or order it online. Look for authentic websites and compare their rates to find the best deal. With this book, you will always be exam ready and have the knowledge and comprehension to ace it. Furthermore, the book will also help sharpen the technical skills that will help you in the long run. 

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