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Buying an apartment in a new building is an important and nice investment with help of Interior Designer Company Lahore. With the execution of documents for the right of ownership, your troubles do not end and now you need to think about arranging new housing and repairing.

Interior Designer in Lahore

What is an Interior Design project?

An interior design project is a document, an idea printed on paper, which will allow you to realize your dream apartment and the builders – to calculate an estimate and draw a work plan for improving and repairing your house. According to the same document, you can control the repair of an apartment at every stage to get precisely what you planned and what you have always dreamed of.

What are the criteria for a good design project?

1. Functionality of practicality, planning solutions, and ergonomics – how convenient and comfortable it will be to live in a new apartment for some years. You will get several layout options when ordering an interior design project from good specialists. We can choose the one that suits you best and, together with a team of specialists, finalize it to create the project of your dream apartment.

2. The future housing’s style, colors, and mood determines the aesthetic component. With the help of a mood board a selection of interior pictures and colors, the designer determines, an associative array what exactly you like. And then, the design of your interior is developed directly, and three-dimensional visualizations of the entire apartment are created, detailed to the smallest detail.

3. The availability of funds from the customer for the repair and furnishing of the apartment determines the budget for implementing the design project. That is, the design idea should not only be practical and functional and be liked by the customer – it should meet the planned repair budget and fully fit into it. Otherwise, the design idea will die on the paper.

4. Proper selection of finishing materials and furniture, which not only guarantees that your house will look like on the design project but will last for years. After all, we all strived to make repairs once and for all. To do this, the architect/designer must know the operational characteristics of the finishing materials used in the project, furniture materials, fabrics, etc.

What causes the difference in prices for interior design in different companies?

When looking for a company that will develop an interior design project for your new apartment, you will surely come across a huge range of prices: for one company.

Often the difference here is not in price but in the substitution of concepts. An inexperienced customer, as a rule, needs to learn what should be included in the cost of developing a design project and its composition. Unscrupulous companies can use this to provide the lowest possible prices to attract clients. For this money, you get an incomplete range of services for creating a design project, only a small part of it. You can’t call it a design project.

Construction Companies

1. Construction companies. They do not specialize in interior design but need such a service to complete a deal on decorating an apartment. So they develop several drawings (planning, floor, and ceiling plans, electrics) and call it a design project. However, these are only drawings necessary for calculating the budget for construction and finishing works. Most often, you will not receive any interior design – you will not be provided with 3d visualizations with unique solutions designed specifically for your apartment. In some cases, these companies hire cheap and inexperienced visualizers who make some pictures that can hardly be called “interior design” at all, let alone talk about their quality.

2. Young inexperienced designers, unclaimed designers. Prices may be lower for young designers who have been working relatively recently and are only gaining clientele. They have one thing in common – the lack of objects and the willingness to take on any project and for any money. Yes, such a design will cost you less.

Top 10 Architects in Lahore

Still, due to a specialist’s lack of experience, professionalism, and taste, it may need to be more stylish, aesthetic, and thoughtful in practical and functional terms in terms of implementation. You can draw beautifully, but translating this idea into reality will be impossible (or irrationally difficult/expensive). Young inexperienced designers can make many mistakes, and the client pays for them. So here are experienced designers and Architects in Lahore who can help you professionally.

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